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You mentioned Crate & Barrel but I also have to say that their hipper sibling store CB2 also has pretty good couches. Our current sofa is the CB2 "Club"; we've had it for about a year and it's held up pretty well. It's nowhere near as nice as our last couch, though, which was a down-filled beauty from the Room & Board outlet. (We sold it because it was too large for our place... I still miss it. :()

Apartment Therapy's Sofa Shopping Guide
6/20/13 03:10 AM

I currently live in a studio loft space in West Hollywood with no oven or stovetop so my cooking space consists of a double hotplate that gets shoved in a cabinet in between uses. :-/

That said, when I used to have a stovetop, I did keep the decorations to a minimum, made sure they were non-porous and washable, and I tried to remove them often for a good soapy bath.

In my current place, my coffeemaker gets a little bit dirty because it's right behind where I put my hotplate but I just keep wiping it down with damp microfiber cloths after using said hotplate.

What's Your Stove Top Setup?
5/18/11 01:24 PM

These replies are all so interesting. :) I sleep with four generally: one flattish pillow for under my head, one travel sized TempurPedic neck pillow for structured neck cradling, one big firm one for my legs (for back sleeping it goes under knees, for side sleeping - between thighs), and another firm one that does double duty (it's used for extra upper-back support when I'm on my back or to clutch to my chest when I'm on my side.)

I have fibromyalgia with common sleep disturbances and tender pressure points, so it's terribly hard for me to sleep without the support of these things.

My girlfriend thinks I'm nutty though because she sleeps with one: a fluffy king size down pillow.

How Many Pillows Do You Sleep With?
3/26/11 03:07 AM

We are *so* making this.

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12/1/09 07:37 PM