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So very true, akay. I had a really unfortunate living situation a few years ago with a next door neighbor in a small, 4 unit apartment building. She seemed nice enough when she moved in (I'd only been there about a month at that point), but it soon turned out that she was EXTREMELY mentally ill. (Paranoid schizo-affective disorder, would be my best guess.) It wasn't just that it was noisy (and there was a lot of noise!), it was also frightening. Thank god I had a responsive and kind landlord, who followed the advice of the company's legal counsel and managed to get the woman out of the building (not before the neighbor targeted me as a "government agent" and threatened me, unfortunately). Didn't stop her from showing up again months later, 4:30 in the morning repeatedly ringing my doorbell and threatening to have me put in jail, but a no trespass order solved that issue.

I've had better luck since then, though I do have a current neighbor who is absolutely clueless about why I don't want to listen to his surround sound system when he watches action movies. I actually had to tell him one day, "You know, I love Game of Thrones, but when I can clearly tell what it is that you're watching, it's too darn loud." He's response was basically to stare at me and say, "So? It's only 7:30." Ugh.

The Neighbors are Noisy as S#*!: How to Cope When You Love Your Home But Hate Your Neighbors Renters Solutions
7/17/14 12:30 PM

Awww, this rule makes me sad!

6 Dumb Household Rules You Hated Growing Up, but Now Totally Understand
6/16/14 04:17 PM

As someone who used to live in an apartment that would have qualified for the Teeny-Tiny category, with the layout of some places, it can be nearly impossible to take a photo that doesn't end up being a close up.

Brittany's NYC Sanctuary Small Cool Contest
5/22/14 01:03 PM

@sabine - could that be because it's actually not a reference to Dutch, but rather German (in the same way that the Pennsylvania Dutch are descended from Germans)?

I learned to make Dutch Babies in my high school home ec class, but I haven't made one for years and years. I'm craving one now!

Recipe: Big Pancake (Dutch Baby) Recipes from The Kitchn
5/2/14 02:41 PM

Perhaps it isn't inexpensive at $50, but I still think the RASKOG cart (in teal!) is one of the best purchases I've ever made at IKEA. It's versatile, doesn't take up a huge amount of space but offers plenty of storage, and works well in many rooms besides the kitchen.

15 Smart & Inexpensive Kitchen Goods to Buy at IKEA Shopping Guides from The Kitchn
4/23/14 12:09 PM

I believe kedgeree is thought to have originated from kitchari, but kedgeree usually has fish in it, doesn't it?

Recipe: Spiced Yellow Dal with Rice (Kitchari) Weeknight Dinner Recipes from The Kitchn
4/3/14 12:43 PM

I think "bi-weekly" is commonly used to mean either one, which is confusing! With the way the plan is set up, though, I think they mean every two weeks (plus it says "every other week"). It goes from the shortest amount of time with the shortest intervals to the longest amount of time spaced out at less frequent intervals. (I have a cat and still would never consider vacuuming my floors twice a week. Plus he's petrified of the vacuum and I don't want to scare the bejeebus out of him that frequently!)

The Quick Clean: 5, 10 and 15 Minute Plans to Painlessly Whip Your Home into Shape
3/25/14 01:40 PM

I have a FRIHETEN, which I also find very comfortable to sit on and others have told me is decent to sleep on for a night or two. The MOHEDA and FRIHETEN seem to be basically the same thing with the MOHEDA having a softer profile than the FRIHETEN, which is really angular. I *LOVE* being able to pull out the bottom to have the entire couch the same depth as the chaise, it's great for watching movies! And the storage aspect is really handy, too. I hear you on not being sure how to ever move it, though. Theoretically it has two major parts, not sure you could easily separate them from each other and move that way, though.

Top Ten: Best Sleeper Sofas & Sofa Beds Apartment Therapy's Annual Guide 2014
2/21/14 01:27 PM

I'm not sure that the photo is intended to show the solution for the green walls, rather it might be a visual representation of Maxwell's task for Nancy: gathering inspirational images.

Nancy's Day-Glo Problem Walls Apartment Therapy Cure Stories
8/5/13 12:52 PM

So the two stages of the rocket are not fixed to each other and the bottom stage is not anchored to the ground in any way? The worry-wort in me is freaking out!

How To Make a Plywood Rocket Apartment Therapy Tutorials
7/29/13 12:42 PM

I spoke too soon! The third link (the one in the row listing) is also incorrect.

10 Glorious Summer Salads To Celebrate
Tomatoes and Corn Recipes from The Kitchn

7/15/13 12:26 PM

The first link (under the top picture) for the Herbed Sweet Corn and Tomato Salad actually goes to the Esquites recipe. Looks like the links lower down the page are correct.

10 Glorious Summer Salads To Celebrate
Tomatoes and Corn Recipes from The Kitchn

7/15/13 12:26 PM

Carmen - not only do I admire your sense of style (your home is amazing!), but I admire your grace and way with words. The way you addressed being singled out was extremely mature - something severely lacking on the internet these days. Congrats on your win! It was well deserved. The International entries were wonderful this year, but just one look at all the comments on Carmen's entry tells you everything you need to know. That home resonated with people.

Voting Closes at 3pm EST: The Finals! Announcing The Small Cool 2013 Finalists
6/6/13 12:29 PM

Even your floor plan is wonderful! Great place.

Poppy's Big View of London Small Cool Contest
6/3/13 11:57 AM

Glad to see there are others in the world who love "Home Cooking" by Laurie Colwin! That is one of my favorite books I've ever read, cookbook or otherwise. I can literally sit down and read it cover to cover just like a novel. It's such a shame she died so young, her writing was really engaging and personable.

Recipe: Velvety Broccoli and Feta Pasta
4/23/13 08:18 AM

Goodness, some people need to grow a sense of humor. The "PSA" is meant to be satirical.

Will Mid-Century Modern Homes Kill Your Children? Projectophile
4/15/13 01:27 PM

Schnauzer! Instant favorite. <3 Seriously, though, your room is beautiful. You are a master pattern mixer.

Georgia's Tiny Wallpapered Bedroom My Bedroom Retreat Contest
3/14/13 01:25 PM

@SaySchnicklefritz - As a decidedly Childfree woman, I'd have to agree with you. And I agree with KpieS comment that they could just as easily have been described in terms of being busy for any reason, but I think the guest author's cookbook is a likely reason why these posts make reference to busy mothers (interestingly, that excludes not just those of us who do not have or want children, but also busy fathers). I'm sure the intention isn't to imply that those of us who have no children don't know what it means to be busy, which of course wouldn't be true anyway. Regardless, I'm with you: I don't think I really want to "eat like a mom" either. ;)

Eat Lunch Like a Mom: One-Handed Meal Ideas for Busy People Guest Post from Debbie Koenig of Parents Need to Eat Too
3/13/13 02:44 PM

@beryl - the shade was never actually black, the photo before the jump, the one with the question mark, just has the entire lamp blacked out so you don't know what the "after" looks like until you read the post. There isn't actually a physical question mark on the shade.

The Power Of Paint:
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9/25/12 01:21 PM

I'm not sure I could ever admit that ANY amount of books is "too many." I love books and will sacrifice a lot of other belongings in order to keep mine. Books aren't towels or shampoo bottles. They are knowledge.

12 Things You Probably Own Too Many Of
6/6/12 01:31 PM