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my parents and fam have helped demo and clean and paint every house i've lived - which has gone a long way into making those houses into homes. makes me so grateful just thinking about all the work they've done!

has always ended up being super fun, too, the frontier-ness of trying to feed your family when the plates/glasses/etc are still in boxes, and you can't quite get to the fridge...

21st Century Barn-Raising: Did You Have Help Setting Up Home?
6/17/14 01:34 PM

one of my favorites, ever! and yay chicago! will have to visit your store!

Meg & Joe's \"In Full Bloom\" House Tour House Tour
5/2/14 01:19 PM

i love this tour - one of my favorites ever - you did a wonderful job of bringing a little wild-ness into what still somehow feels like a very cozy and warm space. love it!

Sarah's Curio Filled Studio House Tour
3/11/14 02:52 PM

ditto on the Macy's sofas - we have a Chloe, which we bought on sale for $599, and two of us have sat on it almost every day (often to eat dinner...) for three years and it still looks great. we're not that light either, as you might correctly deduce from the fact that we eat dinner on our couch every night...

Six Stylish Sofas for Small Spaces Shopping Guide
1/10/14 05:00 PM

love it. one of my favorites ever. and if you grew up in the same western canada that i did, all that grey will make you fell right at home :)

also love that you wouldn't need a trillion dollars to do what they did - just a really good design sense.

Bryan & Sarah's Vintage Modern Home & Studio House Tour
12/10/13 02:30 PM

not sure if others had this, but - i added 20 min more at 350 -and potatoes still never cooked through. next time i'll boil potatoes for at least 5 min first, instead of the suggested 2-3. and maybe skip the ice bath.

Recipe: Kale and Potato Gratin
12/3/13 10:12 PM

i love dark walls, but can't help but wonder if future generations are going to be cursing us as they apply their third coat of non-tinted primer...:)

Before & After: Blogger's Bedroom Turns Chinoiserie Safari Chic
11/26/13 01:42 PM

uh - wow!!

David and Jennifer's Handmade Home House Tour
10/31/13 12:44 PM

loved this. felt very homey and warm, while not being cluttered or faddish. a real accomplishment!

Jenna & Jeremy’s Handmade Row House House Tour
4/23/13 02:04 PM

bike! followed by train, followed by car. i'm fortunate enough to live in a place (Chicago) where all three are viable options.

Driving VS Public Transit: What's Your Preference?
1/17/13 11:41 AM

love this tour, perfect for january!

Heather & Dave's Eclectic Enclave House Tour
1/16/13 12:32 PM

I love that you are featuring an "affordable" home - and with such a great model family! Buying a Land Trust or other affordable home is a great way for families/individuals to live well, affordably, and then to pay that benefit forward to the next buyer. Anyone interested in buying an "affordable" home in Chicago can look here: www.cityofchicago.org/CCLT

The Binghams' Budget & Design Friendly
Family Home House Tour

7/27/12 12:54 PM


Jessica & Jonathan's 'Like-Eich' Ranch House Tour
7/13/12 01:35 PM

wonder if there are plans anywhere for this shed - i agree - i'd love to use it as a guesthouse or a rooftop deck addition...kind of reminds me of the pretty prefab sheds that are popping up everywhere...

Orla Kiely's Artisan Garden Retreat The Gardenist
5/24/12 01:28 PM

one of my favorites ever.

Jamie & Byron's Elegant Art Canvas House Tour
3/21/12 12:50 PM

sorry i missed it :)

Well Designed Travel: How To Sell Everything You Own
2/9/12 12:45 PM

i love this place! sort of made me wish i wasn't married so i could girl up my house as much as i pleased :)

Sarah's Supremely Stylish West Village Home
House Tour

1/5/12 03:07 PM

what a great, original space. love the color - and the hacked board & batten. Did you just apply the lattice over drywall to get that effect? it looks amazing. i want to try it!

i agree - was super frustrating to read the amazing detail the homeowners took the time to share with us and then, instead of seeing photos of said stuff, have to look at a photo of a canteen hanging from a hook. granted, it was a nice canteen, but...

Chris & Roger's DIY + Modern Farmhouse
House Tour

12/7/11 01:07 PM

as soon after thanksgiving as I feel like putting up the tree, i do! and usually take it down on Jan 2nd. ish :) we always buy a live tree, and so far, they've always lasted (although i become obsessed, for the month, with checking if they're taking water)

Feeling Festive or Getting Grinchy: Timing the Decorations
Reader Intelligence Report

12/1/11 02:33 PM

one of my favorites, ever!

Heather & Alex's Nostalgic Cottage in the City
House Tour

12/1/11 01:35 PM