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Easy quiz, great photo assembly! I would add Le Corbusier to the list.

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4/28/14 02:55 PM

Dr. Elsey's has a NEW (at the end of 2013) and much better litter. It's called TOUCH of OUTDOORS. Disregarding the outdoors selling point - it is really DUST FREE and does NOT Track! I've used Worlds Best - hated the dust, tracking and the fact that it has it's own odor. Previously I used Dr. Elseys Kitten Attract - instantly litter trained a kitten, then switched to Dr. Elsey's Precious Cat (blue bag) labeled 99.9 % dust free but it is NOT - dust all over my house. TOUCH OF OUTDOORS IS FANTASTIC. I mix it with some Yesterday's News pellets (they are dust free and odorless too) but Touch of Outdoors works just fine by itself and is available in 40# bags at PetSmart - NO TRACKING!

Ideal Kitty Litter for Apartment Dwellers? Good Questions
2/23/14 03:43 PM

Re cat litter - I recently discovered Dr. Elsey's Cat Attract litter after reading a huge number of glowing comments on several sites. Tried it for a kitten who wasn't always using her box and it instantly solved that problem. I'm commenting because the litter itself has no odor AND best of all, once used, if kitty covers up, there is little or NO odor. I use KITTEN Attract in the pink bags and my adult cats love it too. We also scoop almost every time they go. I have no connection to this company or any other, just amazed by this litter, hope you read this and try it. An uncovered box is best for you cat and with this litter you may be fine with it.

Emily's Tiny Grad School Studio House Tour
9/26/13 01:13 PM

re Lorenab post - I have a (small) 4-burner Bertazzoni and do love it. Haven't needed any service after a year of use but the oven does take some getting used to. On the range top, the double ring burner provides really high heat to bring liquid to a boil quickly while the smallest gas ring can simmer almost anything without burning - even melting chocolate - one of the best and lowest (low) heat settings I've seen.

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3/22/10 05:35 PM