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I have a duplex apartment with a garden. Some seeds are easier to grow than others-- morning glories and nasturtiums, for instance. Sunflowers are also easy. I would like to know if the foxgloves were cultivated in seed pots before being planted in the garden? I find that more delicate seeds are difficult to establish and die pretty easily, even if using seed pots. I would love to hear others' suggestions for easy to grow seedlings.

Apartment Therapy DC | Survey: How Does Your Garden Grow?
5/30/09 09:04 AM

where are all the cords and the outlets to provide the electricity needed? And how did she hide them? I see an xbox and cable box and speakers, but no cords-- except for a couple coming out of the TV.

Apartment Therapy Unplugged | Look! Flat Screen Amongst a Gaggle of Curiosities
4/10/09 08:46 AM

Agreed! Do a post about bed bugs and used upholstered furniture. It would be interesting to know if any AT readers have experienced a problem.

Apartment Therapy Chicago | A Room Outfitted in Thrift
3/24/09 09:33 PM

Putting a laptop (without its power cord!) on a table doesn't make a space an office! I wish there was a post that featured photos of real offices, with phones, printers, and all the other stuff that can't be tucked out of sight.

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | Roundup: Favorite Home Office Inspiration
2/24/09 06:43 AM

you might try Michael Crear. His email is:

Best of luck!

Apartment Therapy New York | Open Thread 679 New York
2/7/09 05:50 PM

Two things make WFH difficult for me: the temptation to do home-related stuff during work hours (laundry, pay bills, etc.) and the internet. The latter, I assume, is also a problem for people in offices-- but probably there is less temptation to surf because coworkers can see you.... Does anyone have any tips for how they stop themselves from surfing away precious periods of time? I sometimes turn the wireless off, but I usually need it on for work-related research.

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | WFH: Working from Home
9/10/08 03:08 AM

I just painted my hallway with RL's cove point-- an off-white recommended by AT. It looks great! It reminds me of clean sand.

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | Roundup: Cool Warm White Paints
9/2/08 05:00 PM

can the paper be used on kitchen cabinetry?

Apartment Therapy San Francisco | EasyChange Removable Wallpaper from Sherwin Williams
7/7/08 04:39 PM

whoops, I meant to say "look great" in a garden setting.

Apartment Therapy New York | Flickr Finds: Bath Chair at Goldsmiths Degree Show
3/5/08 10:59 AM

I think it would great in a garden setting.

Apartment Therapy New York | Flickr Finds: Bath Chair at Goldsmiths Degree Show
3/5/08 10:59 AM

I am in the process of choosing a new sofa to replace the Andre I bought from R&B. The buttons on the sofa back fell apart almost immediately. First the fabric covers fell off, then the buttons themselves. That said, R&B has offered to replace the sofa with any style I choose.

Apartment Therapy New York | NY Good Questions: Opinions On These 3 Room and Board Sofas?
1/21/08 06:15 AM

Those beds cannot have been designed for a nursery. They violate federal child-safety standards.

Apartment Therapy - From AT: The Nursery Our site that covers modern homelife with children
11/26/07 03:59 PM

I own the andre and, unfortunately, within weeks of having its arrival, the fabric came off the buttons and some of the buttons broke in half.. However, I am happy to report that R&B was great about it. They have agreed to let me exchange the sofa for another one-- and since I did not want a repeat experience of the Andre button fiasco, I chose a different model. However, it is true that the fabric selection is problematic right now due to the loss of a major producer.

Apartment Therapy - Good Questions: Is Dexter The Superior Sofa?
11/7/07 02:28 PM

Where are the arm chairs from? I like them both a lot.

Apartment Therapy - #34 - StacygNYC31's Splashes of Color
10/24/07 01:51 PM


Apartment Therapy - #23 - Eva's Italian Lesson
10/17/07 03:56 PM

I was wondering what the AT community knew about the potential for bed bugs to have infested used upholstered furniture. Are the chances high? Slim? I have been hesitant to buy anything used since readings about the risks.

Apartment Therapy - Good Questions: Pair of Chairs for Under $350?
9/12/07 02:55 PM