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I love it and want to do something very similar as I have the same size small kitchen. Kerry, if you're still checking this, what are the dimensions of the sink cabinet and sink? I really like how it fits in there and makes the best use of the corner. Thanks!

Kerry's Comfortable Open Kitchen Small Cool Kitchens 2013
9/17/13 02:09 PM

marshmallow fondant


What Can I Make With Powdered Sugar? Good Questions
6/20/13 12:31 PM

for janeray1940
Don't be afraid of starving in Paris. Yes there are lots of off limits foods that are french specialties but Paris does have a decent ethnic food scene. There are falafel shops in the Marais, shawarma stands etc and definitely Thai restaurants in the city. With some research and staying in a place with a kitchenette you'll be fine. There's a gluten free guide to France out too now. Oh and definitely farmers markets where you can choose your own ingredients and interact with the locals. Good luck!

Lessons Learned From Traveling With Dietary Restrictions
6/17/13 03:15 PM

I started cooking (chopping, washing/peeling vegetables, making dumplings and washing dishes) at probably 6. Life after school was pretty much in the kitchen with grandmother either doing homework or cooking and listening to the radio. For a long time I was the designated garlic and scallion chopper since I was the only person with enough patience to get it super small (we didn't have a garlic press). The stove use came later since we didn't have an automatic lighting one and I was scared to light the match then turn on the gas and not burn myself (I did everything else but had someone else light the stove). We moved when I was 11 and that hurdle was no longer an issue.

On Kids Cooking: How Old Were Your Kids When You Let Them Use the Stove?
5/30/13 10:09 AM

I don't know if this is the "best" one but certainly the one I make a lot for occasions and also bring to dinner parties. It's easy and all from store bought ingredients. Large platter with mounds of: canned artichokes (not marinated), roasted red peppers, little mozzarella balls (the kind that comes in oil and herbs), rolls of prosciutto or bresaola, stuffed grape leaves, olives stuffed or plain. I find that there's something for everyone, it's easy to make vegetarian/vegan and it goes great with any wine selection. If I have extra time then I can make the roasted peppers and stuffed olives myself.

What Is Your Best Appetizer Recipe?
4/1/13 01:25 PM

Looks pretty and breaks up the expanse of floor and goes very well with the white/orange theme. It's fun and playful and if that's what they were going for they succeeded. Would I do this? Probably not.

Look! Oversized Floor Stencil in the Kitchen Kitchen Inspiration
3/27/13 06:54 PM

Frame, and vertical or on a pole hanging of the flag would be a great move. Just make sure you involve him in the decision.
For the bottles, keep one and put a candle in it and burn it (safely) so that the bottle is mostly wax covered http://www.mad-web.org/Web_Data/Gallery/Images/full/1278/Christmas-2004-Wax-Covered-Wine-Bottle.jpg
As for other decorating, try to come up with at least one thing (furniture or art) that you get together, that way when you look at it it'll be "we picked that together". It really helps. I had the same issue with my husband and I found some lovely vintage ship pictures from a book and he choose the specific ones 6 (they were 4x6) and we framed them together. It was cheap ($2 a print and $30 for 3 frames and some burlap)
Similar to this but all DIY
Good luck!

How Can We Compromise on Decorating (While Incorporating a Norwegian Flag)? Good Questions
3/26/13 11:16 AM

Oh yes feta on everything. Orzo with lots of parsley, oil and feta just as it's still warm is amazing, it melts wonderfully. TJ sells a great feta at a reasonable cost and I've found their brand low-fat feta to be good as well.
French style feta is also amazing, much richer and creamier than the greek, I get it at middle eastern stores in little tetra pack style packaging.

The Best (and Surprising!) Cheese to Transform Any Quick Pasta Dish
3/20/13 01:14 PM

It takes me 30-60 min depending on what I'm making and if I have help. We've managed to do quick stirfry's where he's frying up the tofu and other longer taking ingredients while I'm chopping up the veg in under 20 min from start to plate. I never do a new recipe (or an actual book recipe) on a weeknight unless it's only a slight variation on something I know by heart and no new cooking techniques involved. I almost always use the oven for something so that the protein or roasted veg is cooking while I prep something more labor intensive. If my husband had his way, our dinners would be mostly one pot meals, but I like variety on the table so there's always a main dish and several veg sides, plus I make salad dressing right before serving. I do make time intensive meals (roasts, stuffed peppers etc) on weeknights to serve for a couple of days on nights my husband makes "pantry quesadillas". I love cooking as it's a guaranteed creative outlet.

How Long Does It Usually Take You To Make Dinner? Reader Discussion
3/18/13 02:23 PM

I'm playing with feedly too as of this announcement, liking it so far.

Google Announces Reader to Shut Down Design News 03.14.13
3/14/13 12:03 PM

There's always a stash of homemade chicken broth in the freezer for a quick soup (add sauteed carrots, celery and noodles) in case I'm sick. If the husband is sick I make a big pot from scratch and then it has the meat in it (the extra broth is frozen of course). I also crave citrus when i'm sick since the flavor is strong enough I can still taste it when I can't taste anything else. When I don't feel good and it's not a cold, I go for warm plain rice with a little butter and parmesan cheese. Soup was definitely a staple in our house when I was a kid both for sick and healthy days.

What's Your Sick Day Dish?
3/13/13 03:17 PM

Are you looking for sweet or savory? Either way I would stick to one bite things.
If you're an experienced baker you could try different flavored french macaron for the sweet.
Elegant pretzel or parmesan knots would be good for a savory option.

Best Homemade Baked Goods for a Work Seminar? Good Questions
3/12/13 09:35 AM

This is my favorite so far. It aligns with my aesthetic and I can picture people in it as well as the design process. It feels real and not over designed.

Sarah's Perfect Place Bedroom My Bedroom Retreat Contest
3/7/13 01:46 PM

I have a mini-prep too and it's easily the most used small appliance in my kitchen; it's good for pesto, chimichurri sauce, peanut thai sauce, hummus, graham cracker crust etc. If you like smoothies and cream soups, creamed spinach then an immersion blender is easier and smaller than a whole processor/blender. I do use my big Cuisinart for shredding vegetables, pie crusts, but not nearly as often and I've only gotten one this year and I didn't miss it for the previous 10 years of cooking.

Do I Really Need A Food Processor? Good Questions
3/6/13 03:09 PM

Can't stop staring at the cutest baby! The rest is nice too, but hard to focus on.

Sam & Anne's Cozy Modern Blend House Tour
2/28/13 01:06 PM

Yes! This is the only way I will make hummus now. It's a great exercise for small motor control as well. Try it with both hands at the same time and you'll see the difference between your dominant and non dominant hand! I can do one can in under 10 minutes so it's a no brainer.

Smitten Kitchen's Tip for Incredibly Smooth Hummus: Have You Tried It?
2/19/13 03:42 PM

it does work but you have to change the water and it works better if the leaves are not in the water as well.

The Best Way to Keep Herbs Fresh Reader Tip
2/15/13 01:16 PM

Lamb stew with leeks and vanilla cupcakes for dessert with as much chocolate frosting as my husband wants!

Home Cooking for Valentine's Day
2/14/13 12:29 PM

OurGroceries is great. It has a web feature too (great for those who cannot bring phones into the office but have internet access and want to add something)
I use it as a "to do" list as well since you can make multiple lists on top of the standard "groceries" one.

Recommendations for a Shared Grocery List App? Good Questions
2/11/13 04:25 PM

Love em. Roasted to bring out the sweetness tossed with baby spinach. Raw, grated with crushed garlic and walnuts and a little oil. Matchstick cut with raw matchstick beets and a ginger dressing is delicious and crisp. Carrot cake and cupcakes is my go to and not just as a vehicle for cream cheese and as a bonus can easily be made gluten free for a special treat at work for those who cannot indulge in the usual cookie platter.

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2/11/13 02:22 PM