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I ride a Trek Belleville, $690, (http://www.trekbikes.com/us/en/bikes/town/utility/belleville/belleville#) around town and after 18 months I still get a little giddy every time I ride it. I was attracted to it based on its sustainable features, i.e. low-voc paint, easily recyclable parts (including the seat that I promptly replaced), natural rubber tires, and generator lights.

8 City Bikes That'll Make You Want To Cycle Forever
6/8/11 04:23 PM

I myself just returned from a Vipassana/Zen retreat to find this post in my email. This is the perfect example of why I am so drawn to AT. Thank you.

The Best Fresh Start… Vipassana & Design
1/10/11 12:54 PM

Very inspiring! I stand in awe of you, sir.

The Wurm Storefront Kitchen & Studio
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10/7/10 02:54 PM