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making your own chai is the best but when you don't have the time or ingredients, my favorite mix is: Jaipur Avenue Chai, based locally for me in seattle. Masala mix gives you classic, cardamom (my favorite!) or saffron. I really like the newest Ginger Chai also! you can purchase online from chefshop.com or on amazon.

Recipe: Masala Chai Tea
2/2/12 04:30 PM

love the coop. how often do they come out using those stairs, if at all?

Also, where is the shelving unit from the dining room from?

Anna's Danish Haven
House Tour

10/5/10 03:05 PM

beautiful! Do you have the specs for the office FLOR tiles? and the dog is adorable too--poodle or terrier mix?

Lauren and Eric's Mixed-Use Modern Dwelling House Tour | Apartment Therapy Chicago
11/24/09 02:02 PM