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I splurge for the grocery delivery as well. I'm in Seattle, so we get AmazonFresh. If you spend a certain amount a month, or in an order, there's no delivery charge. As well, you can select to have your groceries delivered when there's already a truck in your area, negating some of the environmental impact. And ordering the groceries from my phone while I watch Downton Abbey, and having them waiting when I wake up in the morning, is worth every penny.
I've found that I spend about the same as shopping at the store, without coupons.

What Conveniences are You Willing to Splurge On?
2/18/14 03:47 PM

Oh, le sigh.
I just had a conversation about this very thing.
A PreWay cone fireplace... for $50. FIFTY.
I knew it would cost significantly more to install in my currently fireplace-less house, and now I dream of sitting in front of those flames.

Object Lust: What's Your Gem That Got Away?
2/1/12 03:29 PM