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As an Etsy shop owner it always makes me sad when someone sources "etsy" and not the actual shop on etsy.

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6/10/14 07:22 PM


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11/20/12 01:49 AM

@girloftars , umm duhh me English aren't so good! You got me! I am so sick of the grammar comments on this site too. I had a problem with the posters giving empty opinion NOT advice.e.

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8/23/11 06:53 PM

AHHHHH! why do I read the comments section of this website??!?! The candles are not my thing either. BUT why is it that most ALL people who leave comments on this site think that they are the authority on all.

@doubtfulguest & nikima your talking out of your "a-beads". Why even comment? I feel better.

Replace/Repair Vintage Candles?
Good Questions

8/23/11 06:24 PM


As a designer too knock offs give me the heebeegeebees. While I was a wee young designer pedaling my portfolio to interviews.
I was not hired at one studio only to find my table design being sold on the interviewers website with a change of material. So yes
Cindy Hsu (who) designers DO loose money on knock offs.

I have a noguchi table and one of my friends asked "where did you get that knock off? It looks great?" I felt like this person never knew me :)!!! I simply said " I don't do faux-guchi"....ahh!

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6/3/11 05:32 PM

I REALLY wanted to love the straw sippys.

I purchased one, and it was love at first sight with my 11 month daughter. She never flinched at the transition from bottle to sippy. I then purchased 2 more. After a week of washing (by hand with method dish soap) the print came off the cup. That wouldn’t normally bug me but I was still trying to monitor how much milk intake she was getting.

The company has great customer service, they gave me 2 additional cups at no cost. THEN the straw silicon stared to break apart at the top. There are more design issues with these cups I could go on. Zoli bot is MUCH better!

12/22/10 02:04 PM

@ curious930
We just painted our daughters room in Quill by Olympic (0 voc) its a bit warmer in tone but that same shade. Its very nice grey.

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12/21/10 05:37 PM

LOVE The front door! Just painted ours that same color, and have got mixed reviews from other friends that are desigers some love some hate. I have to show this to the hatas! :)

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12/17/10 04:26 PM

We are your Los Angeles counterparts (insert a 15 month old baby girl where your cat goes)!

I LOOOOVE my label maker like nobodies business!

Thank you for the wonderful home tour. It proves to my husband OTHERS live like us! YEAHE!

I still am looking for ways to organize baby, she won’t stand still long enough for the label maker ;)

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8/12/10 02:10 PM

I agree with teeze!

Some may think what I suggest unsafe.

I went LARGE with hair clips. I only have them in my daughters hair (15 months) when I keep a close eye on her (take them out when she is in the car seat ect). I love this etsy shop:

The clips have these amazing no-slip rubber in them. Try to pick their oversize selection ( if it goes in the mouth you can see it in there hanging out) and the slection that dose not have "bling".

Just another take. It has worked for us.

My daughter soooometimes attempts to put her barrettes in her mouth, but now she knows "if you don't want it in your hair, give it to mommy". It works!

Safe Hair Accessories for BabiesGood Questions | Apartment Therapy Ohdeedoh
7/22/10 02:42 PM