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I adore it! Super great job.

Kitchen Before & After: A Brown, Cramped Kitchen Opens Up For Under $3,500 Kitchen Remodel
6/19/14 10:34 AM

HAHAHAHAHA! I instantly thought, "WTF??? That would be monstrously heavy!!!" and then I read the article... funny!

Meet Your New Favorite Kitchen Tool: The Le CreusAid Stand Mixer
4/1/14 02:54 PM

oh hell no... It's trying too hard.

An Unexpected & Divine Paris Apartment Yatzer
1/31/14 04:18 PM

I adore that map!! Was it an artist one of a kind or no? Because I would LOVE one!

Jade's \"Bright and Fun\" Room Room for Color Contest
9/25/13 11:50 AM

Crazy. No way.

Paint Color Portfolio: Bright Pink Kitchens
9/19/13 03:01 PM

I like it and I am also a *leave the wood* kinda girl!!

Before & After: This Rocker's More Glam Than Granny
9/17/13 11:45 AM

Always close the lid!!

Creative Help For \"Sad, Hideous\" Bathroom in Charming Rental? Good Questions
8/30/13 10:43 AM

I like the color chosen, but I'd love to see bolder, at least bigger, art on the giant wall behind the sofa. Those white things area bit danty? looking or they just don't photograph well.

Before & After: Sarah and Sam's \"Modern Family\" Room Glidden® Paint's Boldest Before and Afters
7/29/13 11:39 AM

contact paper or wall paper with a sealer on top?? and new pulls!!!

DIY Ideas for 80's Furniture? Good Questions
7/29/13 11:35 AM

Table is awesome, but the fabric, not so much. Maybe it photographed poorly??? Otherwise , nice job!

Before & After: Patio Table Gets Rustic Chic Makeover
7/25/13 04:54 PM

Wait on changing the rug until you see new sofas in there. I like the rug, so I'd keep it and work around it... I'd do a neutral tan or gray and let the rug shine.

Should I Keep this Bold Rug? Good Questions
6/4/13 11:01 AM

$125 wallpaper???? Granted mine are 4 & 5, but no way I am dropping$300+ on the walls of their room! Even for older kids, 4 tacks through that Justin Bieber poster and poor, ruined.

A Dash of Silver & Gold in Kids Rooms
5/30/13 10:32 AM

Oh you people are funny!! I actually had a TV that did this years ago, I think it was the outlet...but it was an old house so ya never know!!!

Why Does My Stereo Turn On By Itself? Good Questions
5/29/13 10:52 AM

Just went to Lowe's and got one for $99, it was WORK! But our yard is kinda big for this kind of mower.

Small Scale Landscaping: Reel Mowers
5/23/13 04:12 PM

Awesome, I am headed to the site now. I have 2 lamps in need of some love!

RD ShadyStore Profile
4/29/13 11:06 AM

That fridge is frickin" huge!!

Kitchen Before & After: A Palm Springs Kitchen Gets a Luxury Makeover Kitchen Remodel
4/15/13 10:46 AM

Add dry mustard, no celery (it's one of the only foods I HATE!) otherwise, sounds good!

How To Make Classic Egg Salad Cooking Lessons from The Kitchn
4/5/13 11:03 AM

These sound great! Now I need to find resealable containers of anchovies so I don't need to make 15 anchovy recipes in one week!

Recipe: New Potatoes with Herbs and Anchovy Butter Recipes from The Kitchn
4/2/13 10:36 AM


Tantra Sex Chair
4/1/13 11:06 AM

MONDAY, this was supposed to be posted on MONDAY!!!

How To: Decorate with Unicorns
3/28/13 10:29 AM