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i hadn't thought about maggi in yeeeeeeeeeears! my dad used to put it in milk and drink it. he also loved it in bloody marys (and soup i think). as i recall it came in liquid form too. now i have to buy some just for sentimental reasons.

The Taste of Mali: Maggi Seasoning Lucky Peach
8/23/12 08:59 AM

i can't speak for the other furniture makers but eastvold custom pieces are the best quality furniture made by hand with thoughtful design carefully chosen materials. we own/have owned a number of eastvold pieces and have only been thrilled with them. you can rest assured a piece bought today is tomorrow's heirloom. (and he's a great guy too!)

Small Yet Stylish Studio Dining Solutions
8/13/12 03:42 PM

mmmmmmmmmm microwaved worms.

Smart Tip: The Fastest, Easiest Way to Shuck Corn Is With Your Microwave America's Test Kitchen
7/14/12 09:33 PM

i've been trying. i used to have a tab devoted to a.t. and checked it throughout the day. no more. blech. sorry folks. lost me.

Welcome to the New Apartment Therapy!
1/16/12 11:31 AM

i can see how you might think this was a good idea but so far-really not.

it's clunky, and text heavy, and cheap looking. i'm sorry to pile on but this is not attractive, not contemporary and not user friendly.

Welcome to the New Apartment Therapy!
1/9/12 10:51 AM

apparently freezing doesn't work.

Jill's Moth Saga: Freezing Out Unwelcome Guests, Naturally
1/7/12 11:34 AM

heavy drinking november-april.


How Do You Beat The Winter Blues at Home?
1/5/12 09:09 PM

i have my sweaters in a cedar cupboard with moth repellant and traps and my knits still get eaten. i just don't buy anything full price anymore. it's just too upsetting when it winds up eaten :(

Jill's Moth Saga: Freezing Out Unwelcome Guests, Naturally
1/5/12 09:06 PM

satsumas! just buy a couple crates and put them in a pretty bowl. simple,seasonal and delicious.

What Should I Make for the Office Christmas Potluck?
Good Questions

12/13/11 04:44 PM

we have that wallpaper in our dining room and kitchen! it's a couple years old now and starting to peel. protect your corners and seams. it's sort of fragile stuff; lovely, but fragile.

Before & After: Hallway Forest Mural
12/7/11 02:24 PM

i am soooooooo gonna start doing this.

The Ransom Rubbage Box: Taking Toys Hostage
Organic Families

12/6/11 01:23 PM

love the kitchen. gotta echo the silly idea of winter scarf wearing while (at least posing as if) cooking.

Cookbook Author Diane Morgan's Timeless Kitchen
Kitchen Tour

12/6/11 01:20 PM

i kind of love this.

Upcycled Dresser - No Painting Required
Gypsy Barn

12/1/11 02:42 PM

my kids and i watched this episode and all agreed it was not for us. too much of everything (which is so for just about every "designer" on hgtv.
however, we loved the vintage map-joy to the world idea.

Peace on Earth: Festive Decorating with Maps and Globes
Style by Emily Henderson

12/1/11 02:22 PM

just printed it and gonna give it a try; sounds yummy! we are usually mimosa folks, gramma brings the bubbles but this sounds divine.

Christmas Morning Cocktail: Pecan Milk Punch
Southern Living

12/1/11 02:19 PM

i did that and much more when my ex finally left. smudge, clean, paint, purge, rearrange, throw a party. do it all. over the years, when i've come across some random thing left over from that previous life, i dispose of it as quickly as possible.

"Smudge" Home after Breakup?
Good Questions

11/25/11 06:35 PM

ok, i knew nothing about that alexia post that followed. honest.

Survey: What's Your Mashed Potato Technique?
11/23/11 04:56 PM

frozen alexia yukon golds. so easy! add what you like to them or leave them as is.
some call it lazy. i call it smart(!); especially with potato allergies in the fam. the steam and possible cross contamination that could cause someone to have an anaphylactic reaction isn't worth the homemade bragging rights.

Survey: What's Your Mashed Potato Technique?
11/23/11 03:36 PM

hex shelf, definitely.

Would You Rather... iPhone Megaphone OR Hexagonal Shelf?
11/22/11 02:46 PM

very cool! (though those ring pulls can't do anything but make me think of pierced nipples....)

Before & After: Battered Dresser Goes from Drab to Fab
551 East Furniture Design

11/18/11 05:47 PM