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Boiled peanuts! Throw some beer, salt, and raw peanuts in the crockpot overnight and you've got a salty snack for days. You'll want to check a recipe to figure out the amount of salt but there are plenty on the 'net.

What Recipes Can I Make with Beer? Good Questions
2/5/14 10:41 AM

Usually when I get into a cooking block it's because I've been trying to make things too complicated. I have to remind myself that I don't ALWAYS need to make stock from scratch for a recipe and not everything has to be the very best dish it can be. It's times like these that I need to remember the small, easy recipes and throw-together snacks that are easy to throw together. Avocado toast. Miso soup. Frozen dinners. Sometimes I think back to the stable of recipes that my mom used to make for us just to get food in our bellies. Maybe baked chicken with veggies on the side or beef stroganoff. Thinking simple always gets me out of my cooking slump. Then, once I'm nourished enough on simple dishes, I can start thinking about epic recipes again.

Help! I've Lost My Motivation to Cook!
Good Questions

4/18/11 10:33 AM

I for one am glad for a slight moderation towards positive comments. I used to read the comments on Apartment Therapy and wonder why everyone felt the need to post so much useless, repetitive vitriol. A comment of "I'm sorry, but no, just NO" isn't interesting or productive. Saying something like @akay's "I don't like the bold color at all, but could imagine liking it in a charcoal gray" is so much better. I've often wondered why the crowd of commenters on Apartment Therapy tends to be so much cattier than any of the other associated blogs. Regardless, the threads have been much more interesting to read of late. Kudos to the editors.

Before & After: Thrifted Velvet Couch
The Brick House

3/24/11 12:13 PM

I work at a restaurant that serves fun, innovative, small dishes with a focus on "nose to tail" dining and local ingredients. It's a good place to work and a great place to eat for the open minded. Unfortunately, working there has colored my view of anyone who self-identifies as a "foodie." I used to consider myself a foodie because I love to eat, cook, use new ingredients and try new dishes. I have a hard time associating myself with the term now, however, because because practically every self-proclaimed "foodie" who comes into the restaurant is pretty much guaranteed to be a pain in the neck. They tend to be so much more demanding than other customers; picky and loudly opinionated about every little thing. I imagine that there are still plenty of people who consider themselves foodies who don't feel the need to write that designation on their restaurant reservations. I'm sure that those foodies are fine people who are simply out to enjoy food. It's the obnoxious demanding foodies that get my attention though, and make me dislike the term.

Are Foodies Single-Minded?
3/2/11 08:22 PM

The restaurant where I work is making a duck liver terrine right now with dried figs embedded in it. It's delicious!

Beyond Figgy Pudding: 10 Seasonal Recipes with Figs
12/10/10 05:05 PM

I only wish my throw-together meals looked as good as this!

UnRecipe: Pantry/Freezer Raid Dinner
8/17/10 02:47 PM