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So pretty!

Before & After: A Vintage Dresser Goes From White to Wow!
7/19/14 11:15 AM

It hasn't been long enough for me to miss the 80s in home decor. I was born in '86, so I didn't have to live with it, but too, too, too much pastel and bamboo and mirrors. Just...no.

Style Time Capsule: Decorating Advice from 1981
7/17/14 04:29 PM

I've mostly lived in the midwest and south and those kinds of questions are considered gauche. I do what everyone else does...find out your address and look it up online. :-)

Would You (Could You?!?) Talk About Your Rent with Your Neighbors? Renter's Solutions
7/17/14 11:16 AM

We just moved into a rented house three months ago and I've done some painting. I got verbal permission, but not written, to paint the bedrooms a light color. I took the liberty of painting an accent wall in the living room. I'll paint it back, but after years of living in places that didn't make me happy, I felt I needed to do this. And I smile every time I look at that wall, so I think it's money and time well spent.

Fess Up: Have You Ever Painted A Rental Without Permission?
7/15/14 12:03 PM

Honestly, with the exception of the first, early 50s look, I would happily live with any of these pieces.

IKEA Through the Decades: A Time Capsule of Design from the 1950s Through Today A Visit to the IKEA Museum in Almhult, Sweden
7/9/14 01:59 AM

Thank you!

Jenn's Ever-Evolving Los Angeles Apartment House Call
7/7/14 11:08 AM

I had to create an account just to ask about that beautiful painting above your couch. Where did you get it or who is it by?

Also, I love your Minnie Mouse ears.

Jenn's Ever-Evolving Los Angeles Apartment House Call
7/6/14 07:52 PM