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Finally! A useful AT:Boston post!

This one post is head and shoulders above all the other AT:Boston posts so far, I think. What we Boston people need most that the NY blog can't give us are local shopping opportunities. I'll probably stick to AT:New York for house tours (the Boston ones are booooooring so far).

Also, this post mentions April 10 like it's in the future; did it get queued up funny?

Apartment Therapy New York | AT Boston: Vessel - Not Just Candelas
4/24/08 01:55 AM

That photoshopped blur is giving me a headache!

Apartment Therapy New York | Kitchen Counter Tops The New York Times 4.10.08
4/10/08 07:25 AM

nice hooks...hehehe

Apartment Therapy New York | Maxwell's Project: Bathroom Hooks #1
1/7/08 12:05 PM

We got one of the blue (non-fluted) ones from anthropologie on sale! (although the non-sale price there was something like $250!)

It's gorgeous and the power cable is the best part (all woven and not plastic-looking)

Apartment Therapy - Sale Alert: Ceramic Lamps at Marston Langinger
11/26/07 03:55 PM

looks nice, but the question I always have about these collapsible things: When is your laundry hamper ever not in use? The two hours between finishing the laundry and changing for bed?

Apartment Therapy - Collapsible Laundry Basket by Moda Home
10/11/07 12:11 PM


Apartment Therapy - Good Questions: How Can I Properly Stain This Chair?
10/5/07 01:41 PM

looking forward to the cure!

The warhol is actually just printed on 8.5x11 sheets of paper and then trimmed to size, and taped (:-O) to the wall. So yeah, if you get close, you can see that it is individual sheets, but otherwise, the lines sort of blend together.

Our main issue with the kitchen is that is is just so white! The prints help, and we like that you can't see them until you're already in the kitchen.

Apartment Therapy - The Fall Cure: Getting Oriented Week One
9/10/07 01:53 PM