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There's a lot of really good advice in here! I think I would echo what other people are saying... get a rug to draw your eye and cover the floor, and then invest in furniture that's going to facilitate your graduate studies life. A couch with storage under it? White ikea shelving to store papers and books? And build on the existing (kinda gross) colour scheme of khaki and beige.

Rugs can get pricey, so how about a painted floor cloth?

Another idea is to find things the draw your eye SO MUCH that you quit thinking about the floor and walls. I find gigantic TVs are good for this.

Something else to consider: double and triple check that your light bulbs don't cast an overly yellow light (energy savers and fluorescent lights are big sinners when it comes to this) because that'll just make everything worse. Choose a lightbulb that's as close to "daylight" as you can. :)

Good luck.

How Do I Decorate Greige/Yellow Graduate Housing? Good Questions
6/27/14 11:06 AM

I'm an instagram user based in Canada and I haven't found a printing option yet for my instagram photos. :/ Would be interested in hearing from other Canadians about the options they've used.

IIRC, when you join Instagram you choose what size your pictures save as, so perhaps check your settings to be sure that you're saving them in large, printable sizes.

Instagram Prints: Who Do You Recommend?
6/27/14 10:00 AM