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I'd also be interested in a source for the metal lamp.

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8/3/11 12:58 PM

When I first moved to NYC, 14 years ago, I was broke and needed a cheap, no fee place for myself and my roommate. I was subletting in the E. Village for the summer while looking in Brooklyn. I responded to an ad for a place in Clinton Hill, and got turned around. A friendly woman asked if I was lost and when I told her where I was going, she walked me to the building, which was on her block. On the way there, we started talking and learned we were both from Virginia and knew some of the same people. Then she said "I'm looking to get out of my lease. Come see my apartment, and if you like it, I'll tell the landlord you're my friend from home, and you can take it over." That's how I wound up w/ a tiny but affordable, no fee, 2 bdrm garret apartment in a gorgeous brownstone on one of the prettiest blocks in Clinton Hill. When my roommate and I left 2 years later, we passed it on to friends. Those friends did the same. 3 "generations" of friends of friends lived there for over 6 years. We couldn't have been luckier.

How Did You Find Your First Apartment?
8/1/11 11:40 AM

Try Blu Dot. Their Standard or Paramount sectionals have clean lines. We just bought a sleeper sofa from them that we love.

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4/8/11 01:06 PM

No food or tv in the bedroom. It's not a rule, but my husband and I never eat on the bed. It feels wrong. And neither of us like to watch tv in bed. Our tv has always been in the living room. But our dog does sleep with us. It started when he was a puppy, and it's just too late to break him of it. But he doesn't bother us. Overall we sleep pretty well.

What Isn't Allowed In Your Bedroom?
3/16/11 04:11 PM

Wow, how many hours did take until the dwellers in this triplex had to call Time Warner to say nothing was working? Oh wait, no one lives there, it's fake! How convenient. Time Warner is the worst. Instead of spending money on terrible promotions and paying blogs to cover them, it should train it's employees and focus on customer service. As I was writing this, my Internet connection slowed to a crawl. Go figure.

Time Warner's Signature Home in NoHo
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2/2/11 03:12 PM

This year, we bought a new artificial Christmas tree and did some research to find one made in the USA. We only found one manufacturer still making trees here. We ordered a tree from them, and it's really well made, and we're very happy with it. It possible to find American made products, but only if you're willing to go beyond the big box stores and do some research.

Made in America in the Home
1/28/11 10:12 AM