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We have two bathrooms in our home. The master bath is actually small than the guest bath because the master is part of the new addition. The guest bath is narrow and long. I want to take out the over-sized vanity and over-sized medicine cabinet and replace with a pedestal sink and just have a shelving system in the corner for toiletries, extra hand towels, soaps, etc. The guest bath is rarely used, mostly just during parties and what not. The master bath however, is where I put makeup on and I need a counter surface. The vanity that we currently have is too large for my 45 sq ft master bath. So I'm looking into other options. Storage is a big problem in my home unfortunately.

Rental Woes: Why I Hate Pedestal Sinks
7/11/14 10:28 AM

I love Printstagram! You can print photobooks, 4x4 prints and larger prints. You can make collage posters, announcement cards, and much more. With Printstagram you're not limited to just 4x4 prints anymore and you can print non-Instagram photos as well. I got my prints within 5 days or ordering and it's not on flimsy photo paper either, this was like card stock durability.

Instagram Prints: Who Do You Recommend?
6/27/14 11:13 AM

Beautiful! Love all the seating and entertaining areas. I can't wait to tackle our backyard!

Before & After: Backyard Patio with DIY Built-In Benches Smitten Studio
6/19/14 02:45 PM

What about the large wooden letters at the craft stores? You could always paint them...

Where Do I Find These Large Letter Wall Hangings? Good Questions
6/19/14 02:42 PM