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First, don't go for leather if you have pets. Our cats are trained to scratch only on their post, but they will still accidentally scratch leather when they run and play. I also have a long, skinny living room that is open to the kitchen and because of the layout I only have one usable wall for furniture and it would be awkward to float pieces. We ended up going with one nine foot couch that has a chaos lounge on the end. We can seat a ton of people and using one big piece of furniture rather than a couple small pieces actually makes the room feel bigger and more open. Don'e rule out looking places that are a bit over budget. When we were sofa hunting I took my husband to lazy boy to check out something I saw that might work, but he was under strict instructions to no look at the awesome sofa behind the one I was showing him since it was way out of budget. He of course fell in love with the expensive one which was on sale, but still a bit too much. It turns out they had one in the color we wanted in the clearance room that someone returned and it was cheaper than the one I brought him to see in the first place. It may be worth it for you to check out as many furniture stores and to ask when things go on clearence since you might be able to get more for your money. This way be the only way you will end up with the high end fabrics you want in your budget. In the end I would take your time to get what you really want.

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7/18/14 09:38 AM

I love the built-in book shelf for cookbooks!

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7/18/14 09:22 AM

If you are that close try not just taking the door off the hinges, but take the trim off the door frame. When we got a new sectional for the living room and wanted to move the old couch to the basement that was the only way it was going to turn the corner down the stairs. The trim took up a lot more room than I would have thought.

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