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I would love to buy these for my aunt -- she has these beautiful wood stairs, but they're a bit slippery in socks, and I think these would do the trick without covering up all the wood.

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4/30/08 11:14 AM

Can someone please explain what this text (from the floorplan) means?: "Dotted area indicates wall locations where mechanical chases may occur."

Very pretty, great use of space.

Apartment Therapy San Francisco | Northwest #25: Ginger's Spicy Downtown Loft
4/25/08 02:16 PM

I need your help! 42 organizing recipes might do the trick.

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4/24/08 10:16 AM

I like it!

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3/21/08 08:14 AM

chicken tagine with apricots and almonds

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3/14/08 08:07 AM

My nose introduced me to the PapaBubble store in Barcelona. One afternoon, I found myself wandering down narrow alleyways trying to track the source of this mouth-watering smell. When I walked into the store, I found two guys working with molten candy: one guy was rolling and cutting pieces on a slab, the other repeatedly throwing and stretching this bright, sugary, mass around a hook as if he were working pizza dough (with rather innovative moves) or engaging in a one-man taffy-pull. A free sample -- and all the pretty colors! -- inspired me to make a purchase.

Apartment Therapy New York | Look! Candy-Making Kitchen at PapaBubble
3/6/08 12:00 PM

These are installed in at least one bathroom in the international terminal at SFO. (It was the one near the display cases where they feature rotating exhibits before you go through the security check point.) I used one and thought it was amazing for its speed and drying efficiency. I did not have any problems keeping my hands from touching the device -- the force of air coming from both sides keeps your hands away from the walls -- though I do suppose that my hands are a bit smaller than Mr. Dyson's.

Apartment Therapy New York | The Official Launch: The Dyson Airblade
3/4/08 03:38 PM

I need help with my bedroom (9x10) and closet (about 2x10). I'd like to figure out how to make better use of what little space I have. And I'd like to see more of the floor!

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1/17/08 04:53 PM

Love it! And I need a new clock because mine is stuck at 10:27.

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12/22/07 06:43 AM

I suddenly find myself with lots of single friends of both genders. I'd love to have a dinner party for eight and see what happens when all these great people are thrown together for a cozy home-cooked meal.

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12/22/07 06:41 AM

Red is my color!

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12/21/07 08:22 AM

very pretty!

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12/20/07 05:35 PM

I love tea and like to try new flavors. I'm currently enjoying Marco Polo Rouge.

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12/20/07 05:34 PM

Heath is classic!

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12/18/07 08:14 PM

I like dark and extra-dark, but what I really, really love is caramel covered in chocolate and sprinkled with sea salt. Yum!

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12/18/07 08:12 PM

The French Oven is my favorite, but I would love to give the whole set to my brother for Christmas. He's a great cook but doesn't have the right kitchen tools!

Apartment Therapy The Kitchen | Holiday Gift Bag 2007: Win a Le Creuset 6-Piece Set in Caribbean
12/18/07 08:09 PM

I don't own a special candle lighter, and that one looks pretty neat.

Apartment Therapy New York | Gift Bag 2007: Slatkin Co. Candle with Zippo Lighter
12/14/07 08:58 PM

Lovely -- and it looks so soft!

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12/14/07 08:55 PM


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12/14/07 08:54 PM

My friend Cindy's tortilla soup.

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12/13/07 10:34 PM