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Aaron R Thomas is in California, ships internationally, and creates custom acrylic headboards such as you seek.

Apartment Therapy New York | Myrica Bergqvist's Acrylic Headboards
2/26/09 10:07 PM

p.s. If you would like to see samples of our work in LA: Please visit The New SLS Hotel and see the Hydroponics Tanks we built for Philippe Starck. Also the Acrylic Furniture at The Thompson Hotels (Both The Hollywood Roosevelt and the newer Hotel in Beverly Hills).

Aaron R Thomas Design
phone: (949) 274-9766
fax: (949) 209-0366

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | California Acrylic Design in Culver City
1/10/09 12:25 PM

Good Questions-
I would have had the same questions a few years ago, but now I work "in the belly of the beast" so to speak. Luckily it is not as complicated as it might seem--- IF you are dealing with a reputable fabricator who is known for high quality work. (There are a lot of "acrylic fabricators" who use inferior material and have shoddy, rushed workmanship that results in ugly glue joints and discoloration and crazing, so it is something to consider when shopping around. Acrylic is one of those things about which that old crass saying is sadly true "You get what you pay for.")
At Aaron R Thomas Design we regular work with our clients all over the USA and internationally (by phone and email- talking, sketching, sharing inspiration, ideas) to agree on the exact design, and then to safely ship them to their destination. All of our acrylic furniture, lighting, accessories, etc are built by hand by Aaron R Thomas' Team of Artisans in Orange County California of only the highest quality cast acrylic.
We've simplified the process further by adding an extensive online store ( with free shipping). You can click and order there, or browse it as a jumping off point for creating a custom design and then contact us by phone, email or fax to get started on whatever you need. (Mixed Media available, too: metal, glass, leather...)

Here is the link:

*As for shipping: We've been building and shipping acrylic furniture for over 40 years. It is important that it is correctly cushioned and packaged. We've got it down to a science and have relationships with many different trust-worthy shipping companies. We aim to make this as easy as possible for our clients.

Aaron R Thomas Design
phone: (949) 274-9766
fax: (949) 209-0366

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | California Acrylic Design in Culver City
1/10/09 12:21 PM

Why, The Parker, of course.

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | Hotel Recommendations from ATLA: Palm Springs
8/14/08 04:55 PM

I found the best Lucite lamps, furniture, trays, etc at

free shipping, too.

Apartment Therapy - Lucite pieces in Domino Magazine
9/14/07 02:50 PM

i agree: what could be more refined and fabulous than lucite, nearly invisible furniture?

My favorite's are here: (AND They Ship for FREE!)

Apartment Therapy - #32 - Nick's Lucid Lucite Clinical Creativity
9/9/07 05:05 PM