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Wow - it is funny the way people carry on - I would never dream of asking to have a second shower at someplace like my office (which had an amazing shower for me) however I have a friend who would be beside herself if she couldn't throw a celebration for every pregnancy. For the second babies in the group - it was brunch and shopping, and brunch and mani/pedis - all about papmering the mom to be. For the one family in the group having a third baby - there is a surprise dinner with diapers, homemade frozen dinners, and gift cards coming up in a couple of weeks.

For those of us who love a reason to get together and enjoy our friends and the special times in their lives - why not have a shower, brunch etc - if bring a gift bothers then don't - the mom to be won't care - she will just be thrilled to be thought of and pampered for a bit.

Gift Etiquette and Moral Dilemmas
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2/2/11 09:09 AM

Since I am a control freak by nature - I love this idea if I thought my husband's mom and sister would use it. They always buy things that are not appropriate or the wrong size - it would be great to point to a wishlist and go she likes these items and it this size. That way they could still surprise her, my mother in law is big on gifts but has given the same book a couple of times - and bonus I am not running around trying to fix the clothes sizes etc. Yes, I am aware I sound selfish but after three years of wrong sizes or seasons in clothing - I am just tired. My father in law rocks as he buys museum memberships and my parents ask what does she need and what size.

Gift Registries for Kids: Good Idea or Bad Form?
12/15/10 11:34 AM

The best thing about white china - allows us to splurge on fun linens, pottery bowls, etc to make the table different at any time. I love my Aplico from WS.

Best Everyday China 2010
11/11/10 04:42 PM

One child - 4 strollers (Volo, Jogger, Graco travel set, small travel stroller pre Volo) - it was a constant evolution and since we do not live in the city - they hang in the garage except for the Volo which is in my car.

Let's Talk Strollers
9/16/10 02:19 PM

I was excited about just about anything that someone was willing to share with us and that included a breast pump, bottles, and car seats as well as clothes and toys. A lot has to do with the relationship that you have with the person who is giving you the hand me down. My best friend, who is also godmother to my daughter, gave us three different car seats over the course of time (as her child out grew them). I knew that the seats were in good shape and well within the 5 year window. She also provided me with bottles and I just bought new nipples pieces. I also took a breast pump from a friend who had used it for a month before abandoning the concept - I just bought new tubing, shields, etc. It was much nicer than I would have bought for myself. As for toys - at was great to be offered them and in some cases allowed us to have extra at our parents houses to save on the lug. We had a hand me down high chair that we then passed on as the extra for a friend to leave @ her mom's. You could always ask if they would like any of it to look through and if they do not need either return or pass on to someone who could use it. I even passed down to a friend of ours all of the leftover pampers from the boxes when my daughter out grew each size.

What Should You Hand Down To Other Parents?
9/9/10 12:55 PM

Disagree on the spoon rest, however we also have the pot clips in our house so maybe we just like things since I do not consider a spoon rest a gadget. The garlic peeler is well loved in our house (I have had one since 1994) maybe that makes me lazy but hey my three year old helps in the kitchen. I also have the Vinturi wine aerator that someone mentioned and it is great so maybe it depends on the brand. Useless or useful is in the eye of the beholder.

The 10 Most Useless Kitchen Gadgets | Apartment Therapy The Kitchn
7/26/10 10:49 AM

For Christmas a couple of year's ago my parent's bought us a portable DVD player since we didn't have one in our car and didn't really want one on a permanent basis. I love being able to put it in and take it out for our daughter. Usually the trip has to be at least 2 hours for it to even appear unless it is just one of us by ourselves with her and then it may appear for a shorter trip, however it does not stay in the car for trips around town. The best feature as far as I am concerned is that it also goes on the plane, in the hotel room, etc. My daughter loves to read( or be read to as she is 3 1/2), do arts and crafts and at home TV is limited to 30-1 hour about three times a week if she is good, however sometimes in a car things just need to be different. Also, if it is just one of us - we can't read to her and drive at the same time.

Do You DVD? | Apartment Therapy Ohdeedoh
7/22/10 09:56 AM

My daughter received the New York one as a gift from her godfather (who lives in NYC) and she likes it almost as much as her parents. I have added the others to the ongoing book list that we have for her. They are books that grow with the child then become treasured for the illustrations

"This Is" Series by M. Sasek | Apartment Therapy Ohdeedoh
7/13/10 12:02 PM

I just bought one of those folding seats to make the big seat smaller for my daughter and half the time she didn't want to use it. Then again for the longest time she only wanted to potty in bathrooms with lots of choices not at home and especially not on the baby potty.

I saw a child on one of those portable potties in the trunk of a car outside of Target this past week and I was not sure what to think.

Potties on the Go | Apartment Therapy Ohdeedoh
7/2/10 02:34 PM

Actually - I like PBK stuff.

Pottery Barn Kids: The Place To Shop For The Perfect Gift | Apartment Therapy Ohdeedoh
12/15/09 04:21 PM

I only have one child who will be three on Jan 3 and now that I think about it - the gifts we have been giving her sort of follow the want, need, wear and read theory just different in application. At her age she really only wants to open the packages - the more destruction the better so I tend to wrap all of the items individually - and I do mean one pair of socks. I admit that part of it is for me since that is what my mom always did and it is my understading that is what my grandmother did also. Since her birthday and Christmas are so close together - I tend to indulge in small items throughout the year on as needed (crayons) or seasonal basis(bubbles - small splash pool). We have been blessed with many hand me downs from our friends so she has not really needed toys except for a few - we bought a kitchen for her birthday last year - but didn't give it to her until July and her godmother gave dishes etc. In regards to the Santa question - which obviously has not been addressed in our house yet - I was always told that Santa brought you a sock gift and one larger item (bike) or smaller item combo (doll and clothes) to ask for or expect more was greedy and that is the philosophy that I plan to follow.

Want, Need, Wear, Read Limiting Gifts | Apartment Therapy Ohdeedoh
12/11/09 03:00 PM