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What Color for the Front Door to My Brick Home?
Good Questions

11/16/10 07:16 PM

"WhyLighting", why, why? (yick.)

A Warm & Inviting Room
Style Collage

11/16/10 04:54 PM

yes, deadpan might not be the best phrase, gallows humor, better.

Bill Goes All Black
House Tour

11/16/10 04:22 PM

@ vix vax, of course you have taste, you just might be missing the absurdist, dead pan humor here...hey, art history buffs, can some one share a bit on still life motifs...

Bill Goes All Black
House Tour

11/16/10 04:02 PM

daylight in black rooms, something unexpected happens, a brightness, as i think we see in these photos? (or in photos of day lit people in them).

Bill Goes All Black
House Tour

11/16/10 03:23 AM

Fresh one, Chrisgal !
Carolyn, this post reminded me of the room of flags i'd like to do some day.
(oh Lord, now i'm whinging too; like any of us have the time....)

Thinking Outside the Gallery: Art from Everyday Items
Inside Man

10/6/10 02:17 AM

they look unhappy (all the fuss + still can't turn their frowns upside down).

Seamless Plugs: Goodbye to Your Cover Plate
10/5/10 03:55 PM

Are you sure you can say she has no taste rather than it is not your taste?

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | A Peek Inside Kelly Wearstler’s Hollywood Mansion Vogue
9/23/09 12:02 AM

jo4936, you are fiercely mistaken.

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | A Peek Inside Kelly Wearstler’s Hollywood Mansion Vogue
9/22/09 05:02 PM

their maps are wonderful (Tokyo 50's style, old Paris, etc) i have several, but can't seem to get them to gift, they are not all kept in production, last time i checked.

Apartment Therapy New York | Collection Wrapping Paper as Decor
9/18/09 07:51 PM

Samurai exhibit, Asian Art Museum, Civic Center, last three days--some exquisite colorations (in particular a spectacular Noh theater robe, of checkered triangles and phoenixes, multi-hued, worth half the price of admission). If you like indigo and muted eggplant or mauve, some of the warrior outfits are striking. And of course each floor is packed with color inspiration....

Apartment Therapy San Francisco | The Weekend Guide: Sales and Events San Francisco 9.18.09
9/18/09 05:59 PM

Thank you Dana Goodyear, that is, oops.

Apartment Therapy New York | Kelly Wearstler's Kooky, Ever-Changing Style The New Yorker
9/18/09 05:21 PM

my apologies for this obnoxious outburst (juvenille, from overwrought frustration...sheesh; i might have just said, "can't more of you see the beauty?" in all of her work?)

Apartment Therapy New York | The 70s: Kelly Wearstler's Next Big Thing Domino Magazine, October 2008
9/18/09 05:14 PM

thank you easynyc.
another AT Wearstler diss fest--
why has no one said that even within its vulgar elements, there is a refinement and depth of beauty in her work (i might as well say this as some of my recent posts reveal a jerk) that SOME of you arbiters of good taste might never grasp. Others, well, taste, to each her/his own, okay.

Apartment Therapy New York | The 70s: Kelly Wearstler's Next Big Thing Domino Magazine, October 2008
9/15/09 10:31 PM

Wearstler piques the imagination...
the article rounds out the picture of her and if you are a fan, galvanizes a profound appreciation.

and her rich new styles, still brimming with a playful loveliness.

By the way, waitressed her way thru college, centerfolded in vintage blue and green lingerie, it said...she is kind of numinous, i think, or a "...halfling..." or just too fabulous, enchanting.

Thank you Lauren Collins for a fine article.

Apartment Therapy New York | Kelly Wearstler's Kooky, Ever-Changing Style The New Yorker
9/15/09 09:34 PM

a bit hilarious and wonderful...i'm raiding local thriftstores tomorrow...thanks for sharing this...

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | How To: Make a DIY Lucite Disc Chandelier
9/9/09 11:43 PM

what about two different plaids in the same room?
or funkier plaids?
i love a red and yellow plaid, or a teal and purple plaid.
(yes, i am tacky;
i want a mobile home done sparsley, but in several different plaids, but a pucci themed mobile home would win out).

maybe i feel favorable toward plaid after reading about a teacher who said that to him (they'd asked random people), the height of style he'd witnessed in his life was his male students in Africa, they'd sport plaid suits, mixed different plaids, jackets and pants, and sometimes they'd trade, swap out different great and unexpected!
a couple years ago there was a photo in the New Yorker of an immigrant mother in America (from Somali, i think), striding along in a billowing head to toe red and yellow caftan, stunning and regal.

funky largely seems out of favor though.
i like how plaid can be both a bit wacky but is also square, manly, kind of comforting, but stimulating.

Apartment Therapy Chicago | Get the Look at Home: Mad Men Plaid Wallpaper
9/5/09 09:07 PM

your pic choices are sooo pretty.
whenever i'm having a bad day i like scheming about 4 or 5 room apartments or small houses of different monochromatic rooms, floor, walls, ceiling (some with just a few other accent colors).

Apartment Therapy San Francisco | Monochromatic Rooms, From Pale to Bright
9/5/09 08:00 PM

Xanadu, Free to Be You and Me,Wham!, John Travolta in "Staying Alive", Gypsy (the musical) stuff,Seventeen magazine fashions, but mostly E.T. (adolescence was better with Cyndi Lauper, Grace Jones, Siouxsie the Banshees pics...file under no need to come out gay/state the obvious).

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | Um, What? Twilight Themed Decor
8/24/09 10:31 PM

i kind of like the hotel room thing though...vacation from self sort of thing, especially if the rest of the home is very styley, idiosyncratic or maximalist.

Apartment Therapy Chicago | Before & After: A Simplifed and Modernized Bedroom
8/14/09 05:39 PM