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I've had a Kindle Fire for several months and read on it for upwards of an hour at a time. I've never experienced any sort of eye strain. I work on a computer for 9+ hours a day so maybe I'm used to it, though my wife doesn't do nearly as much work on the computer as I do and she's also gone through at least 3 books reading for a couple hours at a time after the kids are in bed.

We typically read with the white text on a black background. We've experimented with the fonts and font sizes. Right now the font size is one up from the middle option (of 7 or 8 if I'm remembering correctly). We've also adjusted the margins and line spacing to reduce the chances that letters blend with one another. Finally, we're using the font with smaller serifs. Caecilia, which I believe is standard. That was after trying out the other fonts to see if anything was easier to read.

With this set-up It's not hard at all on the eyes, especially when reading at night. We don't need an extra light source and the brightness isn't enough to wake anybody sleeping in the same bed, but more than enough to read without having any sort of trouble.

In short, I read lots of complaints about backlit readers, but if you're considering one, know that at least some people, who actually own and use one, are able to read on it for good amounts of time, with no headaches nor noticeable strain on the eyes.

Why I'm Ditching an E-Reader for the New iPad
3/18/12 06:11 PM

@NicodemusBC: Knowing that it's my own old poop particles on the toilet seat vs a stranger's old poop particles is only slightly comforting. ;)

Can You Name the 10 Dirtiest Things We Touch Everyday?
10/3/11 01:50 PM

True enough, MarshallO, but fear or honesty... I would be VERY surprised if DWR sends a representative to this panel who's says that replicas are the way to go. I highly doubt that we see any devil's advocacy from them.

Tomorrow! Knockoffs: Flattery or Theft??
Apartment Therapy Design Evenings

7/25/11 03:00 PM

Agree with deedee914. This has all the makings of a very one sided discussion. Based on their bios, everybody on the panel stakes their livelihood on making sure consumers are purchasing original product and not knockoffs.

Tomorrow! Knockoffs: Flattery or Theft??
Apartment Therapy Design Evenings

7/25/11 02:02 PM