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I don't know if its the photo but that chandelier just seems really gigantic for the room.

Jacquelyn Opts for Opulence
House Tour

1/7/11 02:36 AM

petty complaints people. really.

Cool Chevron Wall Pattern
12/17/10 12:54 PM

Ya'll stop ragging on IKEA. Not everyone has the option of waiting 2 years to find that perfect vintage piece. Nor can everyone afford to buy more quality piece from those expensive sources.

IKEA Facelifts from Mid-Atlantic House Tours
12/14/10 08:41 AM

One rod, two panels pushed to the sides leaving the shades exposed - also get prettier shades.

Window Treatments for Studio - One Panel or Two?
Good Questions

12/1/10 09:14 AM

Everything would be vintage or new but looks old. I would buy an old town house and have one floor just for myself and would have tiles (moroccon, mexican, etc.) all over. When I win the lottery and do this, AT will be the first to know. :)

A "What If" Room
Style Collage

11/23/10 09:06 AM

I don't know, but here's one tip: don't call it an autopsy table. :)

Where Can I Sell My Vintage Autopsy Table?
Good Questions

11/23/10 08:13 AM

that wall color is fantastic. i would love to see a white comforter on that bed. it would really make the wall go boing!!!

Erika’s Colorful Yet Simply Stated Bedroom
11/19/10 03:51 AM

@blandwagon: AP readers do not discriminate. No matter what you look like if they don't like a space they will let you know.

I love the bedroom, and the kitchen. I love that stand alone mirror and the gold trimmed oval mirror. The living room could use some art or something. Something is missing there.

Caitlin's Art Deco Apartment with a Parisian Flair
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11/18/10 02:49 AM

Love the wreath, but how about the color of that door? wow! love.

Paper Cone Gratitude Wreath
Eddie Ross in Woman's Day

11/17/10 09:43 AM

best. house. ever. I'm very much into color, but I would soooo take this house as is and not change a thing. Looooooove it!!!!

Philippa's Worldly Vignettes
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11/13/10 07:59 PM

Like everything except the bedroom. Looks like the dorm of a Gordon Gekko wannabe. Gordon's bedroom would be sexy.

Gordon's Bachelor Pad at the Setai
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11/11/10 01:07 AM

WOWEEE WOW WOW!!! Awesome. Disregard the negative comments. very silly.

Before & After: My Dramatic Table Overhaul
11/7/10 12:54 PM

@DN: you're a nasty piece of work. This is the First Family so yeah they get certain privileges. Middle class entitlement? don't hate on people who worked hard for what they have. Disgusting the disrespect these people get.

Secret Service + Gut Renovation = An Adventure
New York Times

11/5/10 03:11 AM

the bookshelves? where? please, thanks.

Staycationing with Jess George Holt House Tour | Apartment Therapy Boston
7/20/10 10:38 PM

I love this place. love it. love it.

David Kaihoi's Family-Friendly Small Space House Beautiful | Apartment Therapy New York
7/19/10 08:41 PM

LOOOOOOOOve the table. And please add stuff to the walls.

Preston Bailey Theo Live Twice as Well House Tour | Apartment Therapy New York
7/14/10 10:32 PM

It's faking as in it didn't come with the original piece. faking as in it wasn't carved out of the same wood like other detailed furniture.

Faking Furniture Details | Apartment Therapy Los Angeles
7/10/10 12:56 PM

Love everything except the floor.

Erin's Modern and Bright Austin Home House Tour | Apartment Therapy Los Angeles
7/5/10 09:07 PM

I would live there and I have never like minimalist houses - they always looked so cold.

Very nice.

Minimalism Meets Colonial Kansas City Home and Garden | Apartment Therapy Chicago
1/11/10 03:03 PM

Why do people like to bash where other people choose to live? their house, their money, their choice. The house is gorgeous - period.

@eiw: there are really good reasons why people choose to live in Manhattan or elsewhere in NYC instead of uhm,.....

wup! there I go.

Stunning West Village Home for Sale | Apartment Therapy New York
12/16/09 08:29 PM