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Awesome job Lauren! This is my first time having a friend listed in the small cool contest. I feel cool just knowing someone in the running!

- Katie

Lauren's Best Solution Small Cool Contest
5/22/13 10:49 AM

This place is so cool. Now I want to be friends and hang out at their place all the time. I will bring cookies!

Matt, Ryan & Mason's Carefully Curated Artist Loft House Tour
4/11/12 03:37 PM

Venmo. https://venmo.com/

A start up that has no fees associated with it. Much better than Paypal and their like.

Splitting the Bill, Transferring Cash Getting (a Little) Easier New York Times
2/27/12 01:13 PM

I am very. very. excited about this.

Confirmed: New West Elm Store Opening in Seattle!
8/30/11 04:09 PM

It would be nice to see a comparison to her place now. Just to see how the style evolved. Then vs Now. To see what style/furniture she kept, what went to goodwill/yard sales and what 'adult' furniture she has added.

My First Apartment: Jessica's First Solo Austin Abode
8/29/11 04:41 PM

I am pretty sure I know exactly where you live! I think my friend is your neighbor...I recognize the sliding wall and the kitchen. Small world! :)

Maplethorpe's Airy Feel
4/28/11 01:40 PM

Yes. I have a fitbit and I love it. Its very easy to use and set up. You can easily attach it to your pants or middle of your bra and you don't even notice it. The user interface on the website is outstanding and it gives a lot of interesting data. I have been motivated by this little guy to move around a lot more. My only thing is I rarely use is to track sleep. There is a little arm strap for the fitbit to go in, and I don't like having something attached to me while sleeping.

Great Daily Workouts Using Fitness Gadgets
4/25/11 06:06 PM

Hey, fellow Seattle person! I was thinking it might be helpful to give Space Oddity in Ballard a call. They have all kinds of goofy and odd stuff. I know I have seem 1950's medical equipment in there. So try them! Good luck!!


Where Can I Sell My Vintage Autopsy Table?
Good Questions

11/24/10 09:39 PM

Seattle Seattle Seattle!!

Apartment Therapy Multi City Blogger Search | Apartment Therapy New York
7/20/10 02:29 PM

I am with waterlife! I love your place. Your shoe rack alone had me scurrying to ebay to see if I could replicate it!!

I like to see actual home's of people who don't have the DWR catalog replicated in the living room. Although I love what the catalog contains I know that I won't ever get the amount of extra cash to make my rooms like that. Your place is darling and is someplace I can see a normal person with some eclectic tastes and style living.

You place has so much personality in it, I love it as it is.

Kim's Personalized Mount Pleasant Flat | Apartment Therapy DC
6/24/10 03:51 PM

So I keep my eyes out on Ebay. They have a few people sending over poufs from Egypt and Morocco and they start at $30 $15 shipping. They are patterned and colorful, but I kinda like that. One of these days when I find myself with another 50-100 bucks to spend...I think I am going to buy 'em.

Poufs in 10 Candy Colors | Apartment Therapy Boston
6/9/10 12:01 PM

I think this is the same compost bin at Amazon.


Its also $44, and free shipping.

This one is even cheaper...


Favorite Housewarming Gifts: 10 Kitchen Accessories Roundup | Apartment Therapy Los Angeles
5/18/10 03:44 PM

Full of light! Question..what is the quote above the dishes all about? You got be curious!

Small Cool 2010: Teresa's Neat in Neartown Tiny Division #32 | Apartment Therapy Los Angeles
4/22/10 04:58 PM

I think they are kinda fun. Doubt I would ever use them though.

Style Your Door: Make Over Your Door In One Fell Swoop | Apartment Therapy DC
4/19/10 09:00 PM

Where in the world would you keep the out of town guests!? In the Kitchen!? I think you have done a good job with a very small space. You also have mastered the art of putting up art. Every time I try...it looks haphazard, and not the picture in my head.

Small Cool 2010: Laura Anna's Room for Entertainment Teeny Tiny Division #13 | Apartment Therapy Boston
4/15/10 05:27 PM

The first picture had me thinking...that's none to shabby!! Then I looked at the rest and realized oh wait. I already have that right here in my cube farm at work. I don't need that at home.

Room Dividers from Buzzispace | Apartment Therapy Boston
4/14/10 05:36 PM

I got one from ikea. Its Black has a small foot print, and i found it in the as is section. It was 100 bucks as is, and I think 150 new. Its been a great investment!

Perfect Dining Table for Small Spaces | Apartment Therapy Los Angeles
4/13/10 01:50 PM

Beautiful!! It makes me calmer just looking at it.

Small Cool 2010: Nicole Aaron's Illusion of Space Small Division #5 | Apartment Therapy Chicago
4/8/10 08:28 PM

I agree. Its very cute, and lovely, but I wanna see a picture of the kitchen. Are there doors in your studio? Are you able to fix a bed near to the bathroom? I am not sure would have done what you did in terms of where your rooms are...but I love how it turned out!

Small Cool 2010: Shelbey's Itty Bitty Abode Tiny Division # 5 | Apartment Therapy Chicago
4/8/10 04:48 PM

Oh the view! I can see why you chose to call this place home! I am willing to give up a lot of space to be able to look out at something interesting!

Small Cool 2010: Lindsay's Little Box Teeny-Tiny Division #3 | Apartment Therapy New York
4/6/10 08:45 PM