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The chairs pictured looks like they are the "Flight Recliner" from DWR.


We purchased one of these when DWR had a warehouse sale in SF this summer. The chair is very comfortable and most folks that visit never imagine that it's a recliner. The chair is slim and fits nicely in a small space.

Apartment Therapy New York | Good Questions: Comfy Recliner with a Small Footprint?
1/21/09 04:30 PM

I just installed Duravit (2nd floor series) vanities in our new bathroom and we love them. Yes, the lead times are long and they are a tad on the expensive side.

The upside is that you can customize the size (length) of the vanities and add cabinets.

We picked the rosewood color wood. Nice and warm

The installation of the product is tricky but they look lovely.

Apartment Therapy New York | Good Questions: Modern Bathroom Vanity?
9/26/08 10:02 AM


I am sure all installations are different but with our installation of Your Turf, 4 inches of dirt that was removed and replaced with different grades of gravel. (If you hold up the grass you can see light - its not solid). Once the grass was layed down they sprinkled it with very small rubber shavings to give it some "give" and to help the grass blades stand up.

Soooo....the doggy pee pee soaks away just like regular grass.

Apartment Therapy San Francisco | SYNLawn Synthetic Grass
7/21/08 01:15 PM

We just finished a remodel in Huntington Beach and elected to put in a Synthetic Lawn from Your Turf (Liz at Your Turf was the BEST).

The install took about a day and the grass looks great. We also installed it between giant pavers in our driveway and it looks clean and crisp

The only thing we have to do is occasionally sweep the grass with a semi stiff broom to refresh any trampled blades.

Love, Love, Love our lawn

Apartment Therapy San Francisco | SYNLawn Synthetic Grass
7/21/08 12:18 PM

me likeeee!

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | LA Thursday Giveaway: 02.28.08
2/28/08 03:03 PM

OH My! I must have the Orange and Kahki rug pictured in the SF Good Questions. Anyone have any information on it? Brand? Website? Pretty Please!

Apartment Therapy San Francisco | SF Good Questions: Where Do I Find a Rug Like This in Blue?
2/14/08 03:16 PM

Love the stool....but really love the rug. Anyone have any specs on the carpet in the picture?

Apartment Therapy Chicago | Bamileke Stools from Cameroon
2/6/08 10:02 AM

I love the bedding on the picture. Does anyone have any details on what brand they are????

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | Good Quotes: Low Thread-Count Sheets
1/22/08 02:29 PM

Pamela at Neema's Lighting in MA quoted me a price of $999 with a delivery time of 6-10 weeks.

Apartment Therapy - Propeller Ceiling Fan by Serien Lighting
9/8/07 09:02 AM