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I have an old and no longer attractive toaster oven but it still works. The ones on the market now are either garbage or like the Breveille which have microprocessors which I don't trust. Once those short it's basically go buy another one.

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7/9/14 11:45 AM

Interested in your idea of using a single piece of upholstered foam. You'd be transforming the sofa into Design Within Reach's Bantam Sofa. If you go with this option, you might have the seat cushion in a contrasting colour, in a darker and better wearing tone.

Slipcovering a Corona Sofa? Good Questions
6/4/14 09:26 PM

While I see textile's point about loss of storage, the visual tidiness of extending the cabinets up is worth it and the change is dramatic. The additional storage of the fridge surround is a good-looking bonus.

Kitchen Before & After: A Custom Cabinet Upgrade For $250 Reader Kitchen Remodel
6/4/14 09:16 PM

Hide your jewels in there.

How Do I Hide a Built-In Microwave? Good Questions
6/4/14 08:55 PM

The pictures are gorgeous and I can believe they have not been photoshopped.

I'd rather not thing about what the place looks like after being de-styled and the photoshoot is over.

Desiree's City Character Small Cool Contest
6/4/14 08:47 PM