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I have exactly what you need! I have these in creme and it's exactly what you're looking for: http://www.overstock.com/Home-Garden/Jazzy-Bonded-Leather-Grey-Side-Chair-Set-of-2/6585119/product.html They look to be out of stock currently but keep checking back/call the Overstock people.

Ideas for Gray Dining Chairs? Good Questions
10/3/12 11:18 PM

I always have a tank on backup. When one runs out I have another one ready to go and then I have a few weeks to fill the other. Since the cost of the tanks it's anything insane it worth not being SOL before dinner/a party or whatever. I would although like to give this a try because I once had an issue with my grill only to find out the gas was out .... doh! Such a newbie move (which I am).

Grilling Tip: Check Your Propane Gas Level With a Cup of Water
9/1/12 07:55 PM

My recommendation is have the landlord HIRE someone to pain the colors you want. I like a white with some shimmer on the ceiling you you can pick up on the pattern, light blue on the walls and strip the bricks and let that wonderful color come through ... depending on how that looks I think it will be more than enough. Maybe a grey chevron/stripe/diagonal stripe wall at an end.

How Should I Paint My New Apartment? Good Questions
8/2/12 11:47 PM

@DD LIZZY - what are they sighing about??

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7/28/12 01:16 AM


What Can I Do With Boring Ham? Good Questions
7/5/12 12:46 AM

Don't worry about what you register for you can always return it for something else or a bigger ticket item and although some might not agree which me you shouldn't feel bad about it. We received a number of smaller items off our registry and took all the things back and purchased a beautiful dining room table which we'll keep, use for years and will host dinner for all of the people that contributed to it on.

Wedding Wish List: What's Your Best Registry Advice?
4/8/12 05:07 PM

I made some when I saw it on GWS and I found that ones with more petals turned out better.

DIY: Giant Paper Rose
Green Wedding Shoes

2/20/12 01:33 AM

I also not a huge slow cooker fan but I recently made something very simple that you totally work for 1 person. No matter what the size of the slow cooker place some chicken breasts in the cooker and season with salt, pepper and chili powder and then place water in the cooker and cook on low. Once you get home take the chicken out and slightly shred it. Grab an onion and sauté it. Once browned add the shredded chicken. Once browned to your liking use the chicken either in tacos, enchiladas or alone with a salad/potato.

Help Me Make Better Meals for One in the Slow Cooker!
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6/14/11 11:53 PM

I think your budget for that amount of people is totally dooable. Just this past weekend my friends and I cooked at a women's shelter for 120 people for $200. The dishes weren't anything uber high-end or organic but delicious none the less. We cubed chicken and marinated it in garlic, evoo, and lemon juice. The chicken was skewered with peppers, mushrooms and onions and served with salad and brown rice seasoned with some lemon juice. We would have liked to add hummus to the dish but that would take us over the budget. You could do something like that and maybe add hummus, pita bread and a taziki sauce. I think you can feed your group very well, you just have to plan well.

Creative, Inexpensive Meal for a House Party of 60 Guests?
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6/6/11 11:07 PM

It's not RUDE but whenever I've gone to a BBQ I think it ends up being a mess because in our situation there are a ton of people trying to get to the grill picking up the lid to check their stuff. Generally the actual cooking process is a mess. I'd think it's generally a better idea just have everyone bring a dish, whatever it is, and not have one person bringing hotdogs, chicken, steak, tofu yatta yatta. I find it more seamless to have one person "owning" each dish or because meats can be pricy you have 2 people. Also recently when I went to one of these BYOM BBQs the host only had sides for tacos which she failed to inform everyone that, that was the only stuff she was providing. Communication is a key part of these for sure.

Is It Rude to Ask Guests to Bring Their Own Meat to a BBQ?
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6/1/11 11:46 PM

How about they do this at school's and help school's save/make money?

Free Mortgage: If You Turn Your House Into a Billboard
4/12/11 05:04 PM

Depending on what the inside looks like maybe you can just take off some of the doors. My friend did that at her place and as small of a change as it was it helped. Also maybe a compromise would be to change some of the doors out to have some windowed cabinets.

How To Update Outdated Oak Kitchen Cabinets?
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3/23/11 05:03 PM

Tell him to read these responses :)

Help! Why Did My Chicken Soup Turn Into Jell-o?
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1/4/11 12:49 AM

Growing up in a Polish household we always had tons of braised red cabbage around and is 1 sure way to use up a lot of it.


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12/6/10 03:57 PM