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we rent a 2story house....really like the space, and the livingroom with its high ceilings, has an ugly mirrored wall that dominates the space. Its as big as it is and this thing is from ceiling to floor.....I mean, hard enoughto keep clean, dressing it up or decorating is another challenge for us.

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1/7/13 11:10 AM

I really do enjoy art with the alphabet...its me anyway. So innocent to look at and ALWAYS reminds everyone of better, younger days, u know.

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11/30/10 01:41 PM

such a wonderful display for any kids room....our 18month loves watching me cook and our 5yr old, Jaydee, loves mixing and baking. This would be a great beginning to our future chefs.

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11/30/10 01:39 PM

Been looking for a near scooter for our toddler and really don't like the whole pull string kind....makes me feel like I'm walking my kid like a dog....but this is a really cool piece of engineering. Here's hoping lil David smiles a huge smile on xmas.

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11/23/10 01:56 PM

Oooh my...every year my tech-savy brother in law comes up with some nifty gadgets for gift....I would so love to win and "one-up" him this year....Please help make me the sister-in-law that gives "cool" gifts. ;-)

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11/23/10 01:53 PM

WHAT A LOVELY IDEA....I mean a decorated fridge to me always meant magnets with kids pics or a recent 100 in a test score....and this fridge just....well.....breath taking really....whoa!

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11/23/10 01:50 PM

oooh my...I have been in a baking phase...yea it happens. And I wonder if I will be more at ease trying to bake bread with this lovely gadget...seems's hoping.

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11/23/10 01:48 PM

How cool is this. . . .VERY that's how cool! !

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12/17/09 11:55 PM

very, very cool.

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12/17/09 11:54 PM

I would like to win....we could totally use a mini-makeover at home...a kind of pick-me-up, u know.

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12/17/09 11:51 PM

Oh my....oh my.....Oh my......I ....just don't have the words.....okay one word: A BEAUTIFUL its three.

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12/17/09 11:49 PM

Sleek design. Would love to win and see this piece adorn my table during a couples only night after kiddies go beddy-bye....A-hem....a grown up feel for a grown up event.

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12/16/09 01:23 PM

Earth friendly. Cleaning Supplies. Bundle pack. How can anyone go wrong with this set.......AWESOME! ! !

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12/16/09 01:22 PM

An interesting win....and unique selection to boot.

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12/16/09 01:21 PM

Oooh boy...we have one at work and it would be pretty neat to have to finally label and organize my home too...

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12/16/09 01:16 PM

a very interesting concept. . . unique.

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12/16/09 01:15 PM

Flying saucer bowl....I mean cool is already in the name.

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12/15/09 09:34 PM

Oh boy! ! Oh boy! !

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12/15/09 02:54 PM

Truly a beautiful talent and design....with such raw materials too. Great vision!

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12/15/09 02:01 PM

Very, Very, Very lovely bedding....

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12/15/09 12:00 AM