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Rather than tweezers try fishing it out with a crochet hook no bigger than the hook on the button.

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6/5/14 12:52 PM

Have you tried warm water and a putty knife? I have scraped ceilings that looked like this. Try it on a 6X6 lower corner and use a spray bottle with fairly warm water to soak the area. Once it looks like it soaked in try scraping, you may need to spray again+. If the panel has been painted you need to chip through the paint to a bare spot of the compound (try knocking of a high point or two). Go slowly, as this was probably put over lumpy or poorly patched plaster. Even if you get it all off, you will likely need to skim coat the panels. The photo looks like old plaster (probably even the molding) and usually this won't hurt the plaster. Remember put down towels to protect the floor and lay a strip of paper towel on the towel to catch the chips. Worst case it doesn't work. Good Luck!

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