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I have yet to post a comment like this on AT, but there seems to be a growing negative vibe twoards larger homes and the money spent to outfit (retrofit in some cases) them. I'm not quite sure I understand that logic, as the inspiration seems to be more of the point. If you are looking at these homes in disgust, dont look at them. For all you know, they won the lottery. I dont see the purpose in being angry at this. My wife and I are teachers and while we can only afford a modest 600sq-ft townhouse (two M.Ed's = sizable college loans), we still utilize our own budget to come up with creative ways to incorporate a vast amount of technology into the space and have it look great while doing so. If anyone doubts me, I would be more than willing to share my home here -perhaps knowing my meager backstory will invoke your more positive comments.

Megan & Stephen's Off-the-Runway Estate Tech Tour
3/7/12 08:01 PM

I can agree that Rega's tables are excellent. I have their entry level P1 (couldn't afford the P3) hooked up to a Cambridge Audio Azur 540P phono pre-amp and it sounds glorious. If I could, I would gladly hop up to the P3

Colorful Turntables

10/20/10 01:01 PM

I like the slight contradiction here. I think the best way to go is with a combination of wired AND wireless.

How To Go Completely Wireless at Home
10/5/10 08:08 PM

Never had the problem w/ Verizon, but if I did, 3 words - Wireless. Network. Extender. They're cheap and I've used them in friends places - work great and would be worth the little extra cost per minute if it wasn't provided by Verizon and I had something important to handle.

Dealing With Dead Zones in the Home | Apartment Therapy Unplggd
12/13/09 11:21 AM