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I love this recipe. It was a huge hit at the roof deck party (everything is better on a roof deck!)

Easy Pitcher Cocktail Recipe: Strawberry Basil Margaritas
5/30/12 05:23 PM

How scary is it that I shouted, "IKEA stockholm!" Poor coworkers think I've gone mad.

Can Anyone Help Identify This Cabinet? Good Questions
3/26/12 10:48 AM

Glad to see other people are crazy about sidewalks like I am. Since I'm clumsy and have to look down a lot I appreciate a lovely pattern to stare at!

Well Designed Travel: The Sidewalks of Buenos Aires
2/14/12 05:12 PM

I did one this year too- how trendy of me....

Resolution Inspired Prints & Posters
1/27/12 09:57 AM

It was insane at my store. I got there at 8, and lucikly they were still unloading so you could still get stuff. Still kinda pricey, but really cute.

Missoni for Target Crashes Design News 9.13.2011
9/13/11 10:46 AM

Last September my building caught on fire. I looked out my door to a hall of smoke… and RAN. I just had on Pjs, flip flops and my cell phone. Looking back I wish I would have taken a few important documents, but when you see smoke you skedaddle. Now I have a bag of items that’s set to go in case it happens again. happens again.

What Would You Save If Your House Was On Fire?
The Burning House

7/28/11 11:38 AM

I wish Ed Norton could help me with my design decisions, sigh.
Nice job lil’ sis!

Annie & Paul Build a Home in Sync
House Tour

10/6/10 03:18 PM

A Trader Vic's menehune man! YES!

Kitchen Tour: Annie & Paul Groove on the Retro
9/21/10 02:32 PM

Of course...but then again they're my "pets" since I'm allergic to everything else.

My jade plants are around 10 years old and have the names Sinead and Garfunkel. The violet is Violette, and she's been kicking it for a while too.

On Colbert last night he mentioned a study that showed how plants have a memory-so be nice to them!

Do You Give Your Plants Names?
Reader Survey

7/28/10 04:33 PM