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So pretty, feminine and cool! Love all the natural light and understated colour.

Candace's Bright and Beautiful California Home House Tour
6/22/14 12:32 PM

Some of the colours, particularly in the living room, didn't seem to work together - e.g. Mantle & rug & walls - but I'm wondering if that's just the photography? Otherwise, I liked this house!

Lori and John's Functional Modern Home House Tour
6/22/14 10:14 AM

I like her sentiments about accepting some of the imperfections in an old home! I do agree with others' comments about it being under-decorated though.

My one piece of advice is that the brown leather sofa needs to go. I'm sorry! They should invest in a new sofa - buy the best that they can afford - and they will have it for years.

Ian & Martha's Tasteful and Sentimental Home House Tour
6/21/14 07:31 AM