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Man, of course that table is from Urban Outfitters... I wish you guys had fewer things involving them. That company is kind of ridiculously unethical.

High and Low: The New Classics, Super Budget Edition
6/4/14 07:28 PM

I hate talking out loud to my phone (or any other kind of tech)- I type at least as fast as I talk, without needing to wait for software to figure out what I'm saying. I wish developers would move away from aiming for this as a nifty feature. I don't find it particularly useful, and it seems like even though others might not actively dislike it, they don't use it particularly often either. Seems like there are more useful things they could be building in.

Do You Like to Talk to Your Tech?
6/3/14 10:59 AM

I saw this the day it went up and decided I wouldn't post anything until my lease is up in case someone else saw. Well, it's up tomorrow. I was typing a longer thing up, but it was making me angry, so here are some sort highlights:

Nothing was cleaned. Our landlady wouldn't believe us that nothing was cleaned. This is especially funny because she lived in the house right before we did.

It turned out the man across the street was a realtor, and also a huge racist who wanted to buy our (Ghanaian) landlady's house. His technique for doing this was trying to get us kicked out by: telling the police we were running a brothel and a crack den; somehow getting an inspector to condemn the house without ever inspecting it (you should have seen his face when the same guy came back to actually take a look inside 2 weeks later); and setting up a camera from his own house, recording everyone who came and went from the front, reviewing it later, keeping a tally, and trying to report us to the city for overcrowding using this as evidence. When we tried to report him for stalking, a police officer he was friends with stopped us (whole other story). Our landlady, as said before, had lived here and had similar problems with him before moving out. Of course, she said nothing to us. Clearly, this house was not something she should be renting out to people. I can only be described as wonderbread, but maybe half my family is black, and I am so, so grateful he didn't call the police when my aunt came to visit. Anxiety-inducing in the extreme.

Our basement developed a leak from a pipe in the ceiling, causing water damage to the wall right below it and starting some Interesting mold growth. They cut out the wall (non-load bearing, thank god) to stop the mold. Naturally, nothing was done about the leak itself.

In a separate problem, the drain by the washer and dryer was severely clogged. In the first thunderstorm we had, half the basement flooded. This was especially problematic because one of my roommates was living there.


We eventually stopped the overcrowding complaints of the realtor by moving half of us into another house one street away that our landlady also owned. (The only reason we were able to do this, and also the only reason we stuck with her, was that she decided to split our rent between the two houses so that we were paying nothing different from before.) At this point, having dealt with the realtor and identified/done what we could about the immediate large problems, most of the other issues with the house were roommate problems. These were TERRIBLE in and of themselves, and included:

Roommate A's boyfriend stayed with us for a very short period. He sexually assaulted roommate B. Nobody in their friend group believed B. A and her boyfriend moved into the other house, thank god. That friend group slowly disintegrated over the course of this year in a kind of extremely satisfying exercise in karma.

Roommate B's grandparents had been paying for her housing and utilities. They stopped.

My other roommate, C, was an art major. Paint. Everywhere. Take what you're imagining and make it 10 times worse.

A had all of the utilities in her name. When she moved out I took them over- all except the internet, which she had to physically go into the office with me for. She refused to do that. Instead we sent her money for it. It turned out that she had also been getting phone and tv without telling us, and that the money we were sending wasn't enough. Naturally, she didn't tell us it wasn't enough. We found out the hard way, when three months later, Charter suddenly turned off our internet. I finally got control of the account when I pointed out to them that hers was in the process of being cancelled for not paying.

I ended up effectively moving in with my girlfriend halfway through the year just to get away from the whole thing. After that, I had little contact with my former roommates, and even less contact with A or her sexual predator boyfriend. I DID get a text from her about 2 months ago, though... turns out the landlady decided to move back into the other house when they couldn't find a new roommate! She wanted to know if she could move into our house to get away from the landlady. I'm sure you can guess what my answer was. Add ten expletives.

As of today, I am comfortably ensconced in a small, comfortable house. It's not new, but it's in extremely good condition, everything is solid, and we have had absolutely minimal problems. My only roommate is a trustworthy friend of mine. And tomorrow I will be DONE with that horrible house. I might take myself out to dinner to celebrate.

Run, Don't Walk: Worst-Landlord-Ever Stories
5/30/14 03:55 PM