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Really great space. Thanks for sharing. One question (or two): what is the room witht he bright yello wall and where is that sideboard/ storage/ bookshelf from?

Marlous & Pim's Sunny Dutch Home
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3/25/11 12:09 PM

Can I ask how much of the 30 hours was spent on actually building the bench? Just curious- we will likely be rolling in a bench design to some kitchen remodel work- and I am curious about how muich physical labor went into putting it together after it had already been designed and cut?

Before & After: Jackie's Mudroom and DIY Bench
2/8/11 01:15 PM

I have a good friend who is becoming a doula but, like yourself, had been asked by a couple close friends to be their doula/ support person during birth. She found it helpful to have some really solid sit downs with the expecting parents leading up to the birth- sometimes just one big one, or sometimes a couple more depending on all the relationships involved- to discuss hopes, fears, talk about the birth plan, and so forth. She listened to key words that came up fromt he expectant parents, and if there were surprises or concerns that emerged, she would tune into that (offer a suggestion, or take it on as third person so it didn't become a partner v. partner thing) so that everyone could be on the same page when it came down to birthing and that the air was clear before entering into the hospital/ birth center.

In her mind, the mom was #1, father was #2, baby was #3- not that the baby wasn't important, but she felt she was there for the mother and partner primarily whereas the midwives, nurses focused on the baby. And as others have mentioned, she was an advocate for the mom and dad.

As the last person mentioned too, her experience was that the other people there were very happy that she was involved and they all worked together. Go into it with the plan to be a team, and that it won't be adversarial.

How To Prepare To Be A Birth Coach
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11/30/10 03:55 PM

nevermind. i see the ikea reference now.

Dana's Yellowtrace Sydney Apartment House Tour | Apartment Therapy Los Angeles
4/9/10 05:48 PM

is that shelving ikea as well or something else?

Dana's Yellowtrace Sydney Apartment House Tour | Apartment Therapy Los Angeles
4/9/10 05:47 PM

I am inspired by this post, regardless of whether it is a house or apartment, owned or rented. As my husband and I slowly approach updates in our own kitchen after owning our house since November- in a far from suburban or well off neighborhood- I find these posts helpful in imagining how to transform a space... where possible, I would just love to see a list of resources (or how tos), or even times when people can be frank about costs. That kind of information can be difficult to gather, but certainly I'd like to know how people who've made considerable changes to their space have been able to do so at lower costs.

But it's a lovely simple kitchen!

Before & After: Bright and Open Kitchen | Apartment Therapy Los Angeles
3/25/10 02:59 PM