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I just moved into a new house that was built in 1937. It has hardwood floors throughout, but the floors in the 4 bedrooms upstairs didn't match the rest of the house. We think they were carpeted at one time, so they were light colored and shabby looking (including some cigarette burn marks), whereas the floors throughout the rest of the house are stained dark, including the floor in the upstairs hallway just outside the bedrooms. We paid $1300 to have someone sand, stain, and seal about 800 square feet of hardwood floors (sorry, I have no idea what kind of hardwood it is), so it was around $1.50 per square foot. They were able to match the stain perfectly so that you can't see a line at all between the bedroom floors and the hallway that was already stained dark. They finished it in one day, before we moved in. I'm in West Virginia. A tip, by the way--the guy originally quoted me $1600, and when I asked him whether he could come down on that price at all, he said he would do it for $1300 if we paid cash.

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5/27/14 10:38 AM