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I love all of this. I think my favourite AT house tour ever.

Claes & Melinda's Natural (& Beautiful) Chaos House Tour
7/7/14 05:00 AM

I want to know where the shoes came from! I love both pairs of heels, need them now! NOW!

How To Make a Ladder Wardrobe A Pair & A Spare
6/29/14 12:28 AM

That's a hotel room with canvas walls. There's even indoor lighting inside - multiple lamps per tent. Would not be surprised by laptop/phone chargers. Not really what I would call camping. I agree with the above posts - maybe missing the point of getting outdoors?

10 Inspirational Images for Camping in Style
6/25/14 08:54 PM

Can I ask how you prepared the cabinet doors before painting to get a good finish? Did you hand sand them or get a sander? A friend who's a kitchen designer told me that you don't need to do as much prep work if you use oil based spray paints to re-finish furniture. Is that what you did here? Maybe I'm not as energetic as some but the thing that's put me off a project like this is all the prep work before painting, would love to find some shortcuts!

Before & After: A $90 Weekend Kitchen Refresh
5/27/14 12:50 AM