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Furniture in matching sets! I actually hate things that are super "matchy-matchy," and prefer to find pieces that "go" with each other. Plus, it gives me the freedom and flexibility to add, remove, or replace things as needed without the fear of not being able to find something that matches exactly.

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7/11/14 11:41 AM

I previously worked at two separate colleges as a hall director. The first was at a larger public institution and the second was at a small private school. Both included housing- which was a two bedroom apartment within a residence hall that I was in charge of. At both schools the value of the monthly rent for the apartment was considered part of my compensation. At the large public institution, this value was actually a calculated dollar amount based on square footage of the apartment an what similar unit in the area would rent for. The small private school wasn't as precise, although my salary was lower compared to other administrators at a similar level because I got a "free" apartment. (Boo!)

Neither place required a security deposit, although I did have to sign a contract acknowledging that I would be charged for "excessive" damages. When I moved out at each institution, my respective supervisor did a tour of the apartment to assess for damages.

The public institution didn't allow me to paint, but I did it anyway with some light colors and no one cared. (I later found out that my supervisor at the public institution was color blind, which is why I probably wasn't billed for the "illegal" paint job.) The small private institution did allow me to paint whatever color I wanted.

Some of the upsides of both of these places were: 1) they are furnished, which was a big plus for me as these were the first two places I lived after college. 2) Having all my utilities (gas, water, electric, basic cable and internet) included at no cost to me was a big plus too! Campus maintenance was also made available to me at both schools for any issues that I had with the apartments.

The downside of these places were that I had NO privacy, but that was kind of the job description of a hall director. I was expected to respond to any issue that might arise 24/7 and to be available to the students within the residence hall. Again, it was just the nature of the job, so it didn't come as a shock to me. The other con of these living arrangement was that both apartments had AWKWARD layouts. The apartment at the large public institution was basically 4 dorm rooms with doorways cut in between them and a kitchen added on. The overall effect was much like a New Orleans "shotgun" style house. The apartment at the small private school had a little better layout, although I'm pretty sure it didn't originally include a private bathroom, so they converted a tiny, tiny closet. I've seen a lot of living spaces and I think that bathroom was still the smallest I've ever seen.

Because both places were tied to the job it was understood that if you lost the job (either by quitting or getting fired) that you would vacate the apartment within a given time frame. This time frame was at the discretion of your supervisor. While I (thankfully) never experienced this, I did have a colleague who was terminated and given and unreasonably short timeline to vacate his apartment.

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6/18/14 01:06 PM