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This is a funny post. Where I live, every renter brings their own lamps and stuff, and you take them with you as you move out (unless you sell them to the next renter). I cannot imagine living in a home with my own furniture and wall colors and curtains... and lamps that I didn't choose myself. That sounds awful, I'm glad that you offer helpful tips.

DIY Ways to Mask Awful Rental Lighting
7/21/14 04:27 PM

Read this and instantly backed up my computer :)
But whoa, I'm shocked to read that so many of you don't open their windows! Even in the hottest of summers, we will open windows at night to let fresh air in. And OF COURSE, we'll open our windows in winter! At least 10 minutes in the morning, ten minutes before going to bed make such a difference! I would die if I was locked in all day like that...

6 Small, Random Efforts That Pay Off Big at Home
6/26/14 09:29 AM

Hm, I'll never ever get the point in hanging a flag in your home. It's not pretty, it's not useful... I have never seen this anywhere outside the US, so what is this all about? I think the only people in my country putting up flags in their homes are, well, let's say not the people you want to have in your neighbourhood...

Classic Home Types from American Cities, Coast to Coast American Style
6/20/14 01:54 PM

Goodness, what an ugly bathroom! I would get nightmares just from brushing my teeth there at night... And the living room for me is a wild, tasteless mixture of furniture, just like they wanted to fill up the space, no matter how... What a pity, the house itself is surely beautiful.

Sting's London Townhouse for Sale Design News
5/22/14 05:48 AM

We've just renovated a 1920's house and installed a kitchen without upper cabinets. Partly because it was a very expensive, all ecological kitchen and I didn't want to spend even more money on it, and partly because I saw this style at a friend's home a few years ago and liked it a lot. It feels a bit weird to store everything in drawers, I still have to get used to it... But the look is fantastic, the room feels so spacious! We have wooden floors, and I LOVE LOVE LOVE the black and white carpet in Allison Burke's kitchen! PLEASE, can anyone let me know where to get it? Thanks a lot!

Renovation Inspiration: 10 Beautiful Kitchens with No Upper Cabinets
5/1/14 04:10 PM

Well, sorry, but all I can say is: Sophie la girafe is highly toxical... and the other products from the range as well...

Roni's List: Baby Items I'm Glad I Bought & Ones I Wish I Hadn't
2/28/14 03:00 PM

I love the colour. We have a set of white chairs like that on our balcony, from IKEA, but I never thought of a DIY version. Very nice!

Before & After: A Bold Banquet Chair Upgrade
1/25/14 11:18 AM

This looks so, so beautiful! We've just startet uncovering the old wooden floor in our new home, I can't wait to see it all finished. But Polyurethane? Really? Why would you do that - cover your wooden floors with plastic?! Ours will be sanded, some boards replaced, and oiled and waxed.

Dan's Kitchen: Floors, Final Version Renovation Diary
11/23/13 03:29 PM