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Yes, I have too many of many things -
Mugs, I like to buy them in pairs, when a design catches my eye, so much cheaper than shoes!
Crafting materials - all for that when I find the time time, or when I retire,
I'm going to add dinner plates, I started with a few habitat white ones, their number dwindling due to breakages and chips, so added 2 new sets of 4, white with a black spiral pattern, then my Mum was having a clear out of her everyday pattern, and she had 12+ of those, so even with a full dishwasher and more waiting, I haven't seen the bottom of the pile in ages. Would really like to replace all of them, just couldn't decide on a pattern/style.
My family started collecting supermarket shoppers mostly from France, even bringing them back as gifts. Now I have a collection, again cheaper than designer handbags! and stored carefully on top of the wardrobe. Also love the Orla Keely designs in Tesco.
I'll also add shoes, jeans, coats and make up to the list. I'm sure the shoes and coats are because as a teen, I only seemed to have one of each - a pair of school shoes - brown lace ups and boring and maybe a pair of flipflops, and a grey duffle coat, also for school!
I solve the too many T shirts thing by making them into rags, you can never have too many of the useful sort.

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5/24/14 03:12 PM