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I am not a fan of disposable items but a few times a year I stock up on disposable table cloths from the Dollar store. They do a great job of protecting the kitchen table and floor during very messy art projects and if they get ripped or ruined beyond repair I'm not upset.

Tips for Avoiding Drawn-On Furniture
5/19/13 08:49 AM

My desks at school growing up were gross with dried gum underneath and gouges and drawings on top. Little kids should only have access to washable crayons and markers. My toddler paints with washable acrylic paint outside on our patio at a beat up kid sized picnic table from IKEA. I've seen the sweetest toddler steal a toy from her baby brother when she thought her mom and I weren't looking. Kids can't be trusted so why set them up to fail by putting temptation within reach. My collection of different colored Sharpies are hidden and out of reach and our pens and scissors are in a junk drawer with a child latch on it. The closet with the art supplies in it has a keyed lock on it so that my toddler can't get the washable ink pads out without supervision. My 6 year old is much more trustworthy but even older kids don't always remember to wash up right after doing messy art projects.

Our living room has a leather sofa and an inexpensive outdoor rug from Costco on the floor. The playroom has disposable furniture from IKEA and a reversible sisal rug. Any breakable knick knacks we have are either not within reach or live in the dining room which the boys are banned from unless they are with an adult. Be realistic, teach responsibility and don't set kids up for failure.

Tips for Avoiding Drawn-On Furniture
5/19/13 08:46 AM

When both our boys were cruising young toddlers we moved the coffee table out of the living room until they got enough situational awareness to not bang into the edge or bump their heads into the underside of the table. Once it was safe again we returned the table to it's rightful place. Our coffee table from World Market is the coffee table version of this dining table and is built like a brick.

The only problem I have now trying to keep my fearless toddler from standing on it and jumping onto the couch.

In Search of the Perfect Family Coffee Table
3/31/13 07:51 PM

We have had from World Market the Lugano dining table plus a matching bench on one side since 2003. It's a solid wood trestle table that is built like a brick and is indestructible. The bench holds tons of kids during birthday parties and play dates. My toddler uses the bench during meals as a table and sits at it using a child's chair from IKEA. A friend of mine has the same table. She used to run a small daycare from her home and the table still looks great.

Suggestions for Kid-Friendly Kitchen Table? Good Questions
2/13/13 05:59 PM

If you're traveling with a young child and another adult have one adult board as early as possible with the carry on luggage and any older kids. The adult who boards will set up the carseat or CARES harness for the young child along with stocking the front pocket of the youngest child with stuff to distract/entertain plus easy to reach diaper changer under the seat of the attending parent. Then that adult can get stuff ready for the rest of the party. The other adult is busy doing a last minute diaper change so the youngest has a pristine diaper. Those two will board at the last minute. These less time a baby or toddler spends on the plane the better.

I like to bring for our toddler a CARES harness, sippie, new board books, travel magnadoodle, travel DVD player (the older child gets the Ipad), and travel magnets set. I also pack snacks and gummies for takeoff and landing since he loves gummies but rarely gets them. The chewing helps his ears and is a good bribe.

Now that we have kids we've given up the wheeled carry ons until they are older and don't have to be chased down. We bring a backpack, and a large diaper bag that can be swung over the handlebar of the stroller. Our goal is for one of us to have our hands free in case we have to run after a child. The child wrangler wears the backpack.

Travel with Babies & Toddlers Made Easy
12/19/12 10:33 PM

I personally prefer the Kinderkitchen dog knife. It's cute, cuts well for a kid's knife and is designed for teaching safe knife handling.

Gifts for Budding Young Chefs Apartment Therapy Gift Guide 2012
12/19/12 10:10 PM

Your baby is the best accessory. :) I agree about the bookcase since you aren't allowed to put a hole in the wall to anchor it. Both my kids have tried to climb shelves in the house. Today I pulled my toddler off the pantry shelves. He was trying to reach the raisins and I was in the bathroom. If the shelves hadn't been attached to the wall he could have gotten seriously injured even though he's really good at climbing.

Emiliano's Well-Traveled Nursery My Room
12/19/12 09:44 PM

This microscope is really easy and fun for little kids to use and you can even print photos of your images. My kindergartner loves his.

Gifts for Scientists & Explorers Apartment Therapy Gift Guide 2012
12/19/12 09:36 PM

I have a 5 1/2 year old boy.

My suggestions:

-Lego kits or games
-Zoobs (neat building toy)
-Mad Libs
-Remote controlled car
-walkie talkies
-Quirkle (fun game)
-complete set of Magic Schoolbus DVDs

Tell Us...the Best Gifts for 5-8 Year Olds?
12/19/12 09:33 PM

We tell our kids that Santa clears what he plans to bring to children with their parents so that they know not to expect Santa to bring them something we wouldn't approve of. We also tell them that Santa uses their letter to get some suggestions.

My 5 1/2 year old wants a two foot long remote control car that his 22 month old brother can ride in. We've already told him that Santa will not be bringing that. While it would be cute the potential for disaster is too great given how easily distracted my kindergartner is.

Hilarious Kid Gift Requests: The Year I Asked Santa for a Hamburger
12/19/12 09:11 PM

You didn't mention my son's new favorite building toy, zoobs. There are 5 different connectors but you can put them together 20 different ways so you can build some really great stuff with a small set.

Gifts for Little Builders & Makers Apartment Therapy Gift Guide 2012
12/19/12 07:35 PM

My favorite group gift is a Zoku pop maker. You put it in the freezer and then you can make popsicles in 7-9 minutes. It's loads of fun and a great healthy dessert option since we usually make them with fresh fruit in them.

I also think a museum membership is worth it. The level we have ours at includes unlimited planetarium visits, discounts for special classes and events, a certain number of free IMAX tickets and free visits to any museum that is a member of the Association of Childrens Museums including one an hour from our house. The membership more than pays for itself.

Gifts the Whole Family Will Enjoy Apartment Therapy Gift Guide 2012
12/19/12 07:00 PM

My older son got this knife</a href> one year for Christmas. It's held up well over the years and the dog's face and ears are a great teaching tool for teaching kids how to hold a knife safely. It cuts well but a child will not be able to injure him or herself with it.

First Knives: Safe Knives For Kids That Actually Cut
10/27/12 06:53 PM

My younger son got Counting in the Garden from a friend for his birthday. That was more than 6 months ago and he still loves the book.

More Off the Beaten Path Board Books
10/27/12 06:43 PM

We have in the playroom a leather sofa my parents had when I was a kid. It still looks great. I recommend in a house with young kids a good quality leather sofa in a classic style and neutral color. They are really sturdy, stains wipe off, and they are hypoallergenic which is great if one of your kids turns out to have allergies. If something happens to your sofa it can be refinished for less than the cost of replacing it.

Toddler-Friendly Sofa Choice? Good Questions
10/14/12 11:44 AM

My son loved the Magic Schoolbus books about the human body when he was a preschooler. They are great because the information scales up as your child gets older. You start out with the main story and can add the margin information later on.

Great Finds: Discovering the Human Body with Preschoolers
9/22/12 12:16 AM

It would be great in a party room because you could change out what's in it according to the party decor.

For the Little Collector: The Capsule Lamp
9/22/12 12:10 AM

What's the point in a mudroom corkboard that's covered by coats and bags?

Transition Spaces: Entryway, Mudroom & Landing Strip Inspiration for Families
9/18/12 11:09 PM

I hope the bookshelf is anchored.

Dual-Purpose Sophisticated Safari Nursery My Room
9/18/12 10:21 PM

I recommend the book "That's Not My Robot." It's an awesome texture book that my sons loved.

Baby Iggy's Groovy Sci-Fi Room My Room
9/18/12 10:13 PM