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I understand what people are saying about how nice real wood is and how it feels so natural and organic. I almost used real wood for my counters, not unlike the way this looks. HOWEVER - right before I put the deposit on the wood counters I had an appliance flood my wood floors. I was standing there when it happened, and the water was on the floors (that had JUST been refinished) for less than 10 minutes. And the floors warped terribly. Water is going to sit on your counter all the time - I could not live with a warped, bowed, bent counter. So this, while obviously not as nice and natural as real wood, is a viable alternative for those not interested in panicking every time water gets on the counter. Just my two cents.

These Countertops Aren't Made From Wood | Apartment Therapy Chicago
12/17/09 11:38 PM

I bought my house before I got engaged, lived here for what seemed like forever with my ex-fiance, and now live here alone again...after he moved out, it was so very US everywhere. I've been slowly but surely removing the US and replacing it all with things that say ME. I've still got to replace some of the furniture (for example, the bed we picked out together when we got engaged - I hate it, but can't yet afford the one I want), but the house is starting to feel like it belongs to me again.

I think the biggest thing is to make your place very YOU.

And please, clean toilets are a must. I'm by no means a neat freak, but gross uncleanliness is not acceptable - no rotten food, spills that never got mopped up, nasty bathrooms, etc. I would really hope that any adult who is not living in a frat house would understand these things, but you'd be surprised.

Dating and Your Home | Apartment Therapy Los Angeles
12/17/09 11:30 PM

If I could put them outside in the sunshine, then sure - no dryer needed. However, my dryer recently kicked the bucket, and I've been trying to find spaces to hang my laundry... it's horrible! Everything comes out stiff and scratchy (even though I use fabric softener) and it takes forever to dry.

The Maytag man comes tomorrow!

Have You Lived Without a Dryer? Survey | Apartment Therapy Boston
12/14/09 10:51 AM

I really love the bed in the first photo - anyone know where to get one like it?


Where Do You Hang Your Stockings? | Apartment Therapy Ohdeedoh
12/10/09 09:20 PM