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finally! somebody loving these shoes like I do! :)

Maureen's Classic & Comfy Austin Abode House Tour
5/21/14 01:17 AM

the curved front door is my fave too!

Maureen's Classic & Comfy Austin Abode House Tour
5/21/14 01:17 AM

not really sure....

Maureen's Classic & Comfy Austin Abode House Tour
5/21/14 01:15 AM

Wonderful post!

I pretty much follow the hierarchy that you outlined. It helps me hatch out a plan much better and keep things organized. I do realize, however that when designing for clients; it may take a different route. They usually present with a problem or problems that needs to be solved and I help them dissect it looking at it from the big picture down to the details. I'm still learning and every client and every space is different. Although as a designer; I'm still having a hard time keeping my mouth shut and tell them all what can be done....ha! I think I've gotten a bit better though with a good ol' design-client-questionnaire & of course, really listening. What is the budget? {so, so important!} Are you looking to change finishes? Architectural Details? What is the timeline or when do they need it finished? Which furniture/accessories/art/pieces are a must to stay or can go? I never tell a person or a client to trash or stow away something they really love or means something to them. We can always work it in the vision/style that we're going for.

I think whether you do the designing/decorating yourself or hire a designer, some questions are a must for you to answer and also some kind of plan or outline, no matter how simple it is. It keeps you in line, sometimes the hardest thing is the "editing" and later, you may find yourself having items you actually don't need need or don't want or don't have any kind of functionality at all. Each person will have a different process but a general plan that works for most will really help. This is also the planner and the task list type of person in me talking.

BTW, thanks so much for using the image of our little old casa in Austin! :)

The Natural Order of Things: How To Design Your Home, One Step at a Time
5/21/14 12:52 AM