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As someone suggested above, I would hang mirrors or art from the shelves like this:

A longer mirror would take up a lot of space visually and you could move the items you currently have to the sections of the bookcase that are visible. Craigslist and Target are a great source for reasonably priced mirrors and you could reuse the mirrors in your next home.

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7/23/14 08:00 PM

Fantastic job!

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7/10/14 06:00 PM

I have read a couple of the renovation diaries (although I don't necessary read every single entry). I believe one of the individuals that completed a diary responded to a comment and implied that all of the work was completed before the diary was posted, i.e., the diary was not posted in real-time.

Does anyone know if that is the case? I think it would be helpful to know, so that commenters didn't waste their time making suggestions for a project that it is already complete. Although upon second thought, perhaps the comments could be helpful to someone else considering a similar project.

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7/10/14 05:38 PM

Beautiful home, but even more beautiful story of being courageous enough to do something that terrifies you.

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6/25/14 05:05 PM


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6/22/14 03:42 PM

Gorgeous home, and beautiful decor and design choices. I love the minimalist approach she takes, and the modern aesthetic she achieves without being cold or sterile. My design style is nearly the same and as I plan to completely redecorate my home, it's nice to see that you can achieve the modern look I love without it reading too masculine. Beautiful job!

Candace's Bright and Beautiful California Home House Tour
6/22/14 03:31 PM

I love that they extended the counter in the corner which allowed a space for a small TV and the cabinet for additional storage underneath. My mother loves having a small TV in her small kitchen. When I visit for the holidays, I watch/listen to the TV while washing the mountain of dishes (there's no dishwasher) and it makes it much less painful :)

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6/16/14 04:53 PM

Love your use of gray! As several have noted, it makes your space very serene. Lovely home.

Emily's South-Facing Space Small Cool Contest
6/10/14 10:28 PM

Gorgeous home, and proof that minimalism and modern design doesn't have to equate to a cold/sterile environment.

Ben's Spacious Simplicity Small Cool Contest
6/10/14 09:48 PM

I love the bones of your space, and I love your decor and color palette (I am prefer cool neutrals with pops of color). I also have the same design philosophy regarding decor in that I prefer to surround myself with items that are meaningful and make me smile. I think your home would be a great Small Cool contender next year once you add the rugs and any meaningful art and/or other decor.

Michelle's \"Tree House\" Villa Small Cool Contest
6/10/14 09:34 PM

There have been a lot of great suggestions so far. I would also google "bungalow" and look at the images (I'm not sure if your house is technically a bungalow, but the porch and columns are similar). I just took a look and there are a lot of ideas for how to handle the columns and landscaping. Good luck!

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6/3/14 03:04 PM


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