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If you can't say something sucks somewhat anonymously via a comment thread then what good is a public forum? It becomes one person's thought and ideas with no debate. Compared to other blogs the comments on this forum are extremely stale, sugary, and boring so I don't know why anyone is really complaining. If you put your stuff out there you have to learn to accept criticism. The world is not rainbows and unicorns.

Honestly if this site gets rid of comments I have no reason to be here. Not that I live for them or even read them, but to me it shows that you have sold out in the name of neutrality.

And frankly some of the entries into competitions deserve and need to hear what other people think about their submissions.

Apartment Therapy - AT Survey: Are Comments for You?
10/23/07 10:55 AM

Uh, CB2 is not cheap and my guess is that if you are living in a studio for your first place you won't have that much money. If you can't take a truck out to Ikea in LI or Paramus then shop on Craig's List or check out the Salvation Army or Goodwill (there's a location downtown). There's also Housing Works, but they tend to be really expensive and a lot of the stuff I've seen is from Ikea and it goes for more than at the store. CL is the best place though, or the flea markets in the city on the weekends. The one at the Annex is really good, as is the one in the parking lot across the street - that one has lots of furniture usually.

Apartment Therapy - Good Questions: Inexpensive Furniture Sources?
10/18/07 06:37 AM

fyi: Most of the time PODS won't deliver to addresses in major metropolitan areas so I doubt you can get one delivered in the city. Plus you have to have a dedicated place they can leave it, and they are expensive. I moved across country using DHL. Some stuff made it ok, books and such were damaged by all of the tossing around.

Apartment Therapy - Good Questions: Great Cross Country Moving Company Tip?
10/16/07 01:38 PM

martha, sometimes my willy gets cold. could you make a kozy krafty sweater for it?

Apartment Therapy - PlantTherapy: Gardens in Transit
10/12/07 12:44 PM

i never understand the ultra-expensive room divider bookshelves when the expedit functions just as well and is a hella lot cheaper.

Apartment Therapy - Friday Fire Sale: Neutral Basics
10/12/07 12:40 PM

Move to East Harlem or Uptown. Don't pay more than 1600, you're getting ripped off. You'll probably have to use a broker if you want to be in Manhattan, not as much if you live in BK. Citi Habitats has a good selection, however if you do much research you will find that they take things off CL and show you those places, so CL is ultimately much better. They also share a lot of listings with other brokers so many times 5-6 agencies will have the exact same listings. Also Citi has expensive places, as does Corcoran, and honestly I think they are rude and a bit of a rip-off. I eventually had a broker who was independent and he negotiated a rate with me which was very helpful. But yeah, you'll have to kiss a lot of frogs before you find a good place. I kissed about 10. If you are interested in East Harlem, Harlem, or Morningside Heights check out RV Realty and Vertical City. Both list things on CL and are genuinely nice people. You might also look at Queens, LIC has some nice places but you have to be willing to cover a lot of ground on foot to find stuff. Do not go to MQ Realty, at least my experience with them was awful. Very pushy and damn-near demanding.

Apartment Therapy - Evergreen Question: Amazing Tips for Finding an Apartment in NYC?
10/10/07 02:20 PM

please let there be an entry that is not mid-century modern martha stewart meets room & board with a dash of dwr thrown in! it would be nice to see an entry that is truly about using color as more than a decorative element.

Apartment Therapy - #13 - Dldawson's Ever Changing Moods
10/10/07 01:57 PM

With some experimentation with colors, pattern, and materials this could be brilliant.

Apartment Therapy - Slinks: Tom Ballhatchet's Innovative Packagingn. (slingks) Surreptitious web links to other good sites
10/2/07 12:46 PM

Does someone have a multiple personality disorder?

George likes his chicken spicy. George is getting very angry!

Apartment Therapy - David Brunicardi's HoneyDrip Credenza
10/2/07 12:36 PM

if you can afford an apartment in paris and new york then you should know enough to trust a professional.

Apartment Therapy - Good Questions: Do I HAVE to Have Baseboards?
10/1/07 11:38 AM

it looks a little too do-it-yourself without a designer. your leading is too wide and it's because the ascender and descender coming together. you could solve this problem by offsetting the top line 1-2 character spaces. and frankly the olive is a less common color so why not stand out.

the squiggle looks like an elephant or a turtle and it's completely unnecessary. it looks like a mistake in the banner so i don't think that as a symbol anyone is truly going to recognize it as being your unique identifier.

also i like this site quite a bit but could you maybe consider doing an off-shoot site with things that are actually affordable while still being stylish? i don't need to spend 3500 for a new tv stand.

Apartment Therapy - Survey: Store Stickers
9/21/07 11:50 AM

Not to be a stickler or anything but I would consider those letterforms and lettering more than typography.

Apartment Therapy - IKEA's HULDA Rugs
9/18/07 01:22 PM

todd's work seems cliche and unimaginative, plus it always comes off as being very cheap. i don't understand how he made it to the final two. he should stick to surfing. dude.

Apartment Therapy - Aqua Design Amano
9/10/07 01:01 PM

such a HUGE television would greatly boost my self-esteem by allowing me to see everyone's skin imperfections in hd which will in turn give me the perception that i am superior. or at least adequate. and really isn't that the gift that keeps on giving?

Apartment Therapy - Home Tech Giveaway: Insignia 37"LCD HDTV
9/7/07 12:36 PM