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Hi, some answers for you. The roller shades were a folly. I took photos of the big elms in my yard from the deck, then took photos of the window frames and photoshopped those together. Then printed that fabric, then had roller shades made. The bill was all inclusive, so I'm not sure of the total, but it was high: a "pre-recession, we just got a big refinancing" kind of deal. We call it the era of the crippling mortgage (but we love it!).

The long curtains are more attainable, because they just involved the printing of the trees. I've been talking about doing them again for my new office, for the very reasons you list out above - we look out on a concrete factory. I'm more than happy to share the photos I took, but they have some telephone wires in them (which were originally photoshopped out and we had them put back in). I have a client I work with called Murals Your Way that makes wall murals of your own photos or from their library and they have a lot of forest and tree scenes for walls, but not curtains yet. If I had known about them, I would have probably extended the tree scene to make the room even more of a treehouse. For the curtains I went to a local printer who does trade show banner printing for my curtains.

The wall treatment are paintable 1ft sq pressed cardboard pieces that were getting a lot of moco blog mentions in '96 or '97. They required a fair amount of precise filling between then to get a smooth seamless appearance. We love them, our contractor hates them. Thanks!

NinaHale's Faux View Flickr Find | Apartment Therapy Los Angeles
5/29/10 10:39 AM

I have to protest the bedside lamp that turns on and off by touching the base. Imagine fumbling at night for something on your bedside table (like your glasses) or putting things down when you're tired, or a pillow pushing a pile of books that pushes into the lamp. BAM the light goes on. We stayed at a house last year with these types of lamps and were continually annoyed by them. Neat idea, terrible functionality.

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3/17/09 03:54 PM