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In my last apartment, the toilet started leaking after one day (turns out it had cracked because the apartment had been left unheated during the winter months).
I think it's also important, if the boiler is in the apartment, to instal a carbon monoxide sensor. Ours went off several times, but the landlord assured me that there couldn't be anything wrong with the incredibly old and noisy boiler. I always kept the windows open when we slept because I was quite concerned about it.
I also found it bizzarre that the landlord deducted money from my security deposit to pay for the annual boiler maintenance fee.

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7/3/14 10:52 AM

I like Urbanara for rugs and textiles.
Carpet Vista has beautiful rugs and excellent customer service.
I would personally advise against Maisons du Monde, since I found their customer service to be extremely poor.

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6/30/14 06:43 PM

I would definitely keep the shelves - I think they add interest to the room. Personally, I would paint the wardrobes a dark colour, but keep the walls light (if not necessarily white). I'd also opt for a large rug instead of carpet (more flexible).

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6/16/14 09:23 AM

Beautiful - does anybody have any idea where the dining room chairs are from. They're just what I'm looking for?

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6/12/14 11:33 AM

Just looked at the before and after photos - wish I could vote for you a thousand times!

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6/11/14 07:32 PM

I have a table very similar to this and haven't had any problems with stains or scratches.

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6/6/14 09:17 AM

This might not help if you're in the US, but I recently came across (and considered buying) a bookshelf in a similar style from normann copenhagen:

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