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Wow... so much to look at at and it's all wonderful! Also like how the vignette photos are grouped as four in one. I enjoy looking at lovely little vignettes, but not in place of viewing rooms as a whole. This smart photographic solution takes care of that. AT fans now have the best of both worlds.

Michael & Paul's Inherited Nostalgia
House Tour

4/25/11 02:30 PM

My dog's name is Tulip. When selecting it, I was quite positive I would never come across it outside of florist shops, but evidently it's not safe. I guess I should have named my pooch Molly, Sarah or Tiffany. :-(

Beyond Theo and Sloane: 100 Cool, Uncommon Baby Names
7/31/10 03:39 PM

Oops.. I meant Benjamin Moore Collection "Clinton BROWN." ack.

Chris & Liz's Lodgey Loungey Living Quarters House Tour | Apartment Therapy DC
7/10/10 01:24 AM

That brown paint looks like Benjamin Moore Collection "Clinton Moore"? Is it??
The kitchen is fab! Love the sink and the turquoise. Shelving really rocks and the flooring is too fun.

Chris & Liz's Lodgey Loungey Living Quarters House Tour | Apartment Therapy DC
7/10/10 01:24 AM

LOVE that bed in the orange room!

10 Beautiful Bedrooms | Apartment Therapy New York
1/30/10 03:13 PM

Unless I have something nice to say, I don't comment - and while I've seen some occasional things in homes I've liked lately, this house is fabulous and FUN throughout! Agree with the others, the kitchen tile is amazing! Wish there was a close up pic of that.
Love all the art work in the house, the rugs, the light fixtures and lamps! (That light fixture over the window seat... oh, I want it.)

Chris & Heather's Happy, Hippy Haven House Tour | Apartment Therapy Boston
1/30/10 02:51 PM

This is a home filled with humour and wit and warmth at every turn. I adore every quirky touch in your home. It's lovely and so much to smile at!

A Free-Spirited Haven for Art and Treasures House Tour | Apartment Therapy Los Angeles
12/19/09 12:15 PM

amazing place! loved so many elements! i would say this was one of the best tours i've ever seen and i'm bookmarking it too. the tin headboard has inspired me! thanks so much for sharing.

Michael & Anna's Rustic Modern Loft House Tour | Apartment Therapy Chicago
12/9/09 12:42 AM

I love pink, but fear decorating with it might take a wrong turn and I'll have a room that looks like it was inspired by Strawberry Shortcake - but that's not the case here. Great couch, Maggie! (Not sure I get the medicine cabinet photo, though.)

House Tour: Maggie's Delightful Digs | Apartment Therapy San Francisco
11/30/09 07:39 PM

The kitchen is adorable! The orange and green paint, the moulding, the cabinetry. It's so charming and inviting.

Nick, Jane & Luca's Colorful Space House Call | Apartment Therapy Chicago
11/26/09 06:50 PM

Lovely place - very cheery! Adore the light fixtures. Really liked the way Ila used branches in a glass vase as a jewelry display. I've been trying to find a way to deal with my perpetually knotted necklaces and will give this very clever idea a whirl.

Ila & Nate's Corridor of Color House Tour | Apartment Therapy Boston
11/25/09 11:02 PM