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A quirky quarter-round asymmetrical settee on wheels I bought from an old friend for $25; she got it from Craigslist herself, and kept it until her living room evolved. Loved it the minute I saw it so naturally I was first in line when she payed it forward. I've found a spot for it in a corner of every house since (3 so far), and last year made a skirted slipcover for it to hide the worn, bright yellow damask upholstery. Not name brand, but so unique, and reminds me of the 1950s sectional corner piece (that somehow survived apart from the rest of its set) which I loved while growing up but my mom gave away for something "better" when I was a teen. Now I have it back, sort of. Could not have set out to find this piece if I tried; it found me. Love it.

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5/21/14 11:54 AM

I, too, am drawn to same chairs with different upholstery -- all the patterns in similar tones. Have seen this achieved with chair covers, too, where the fabrics all complement but some are stripes, some floral, some solid. Personally my dining set is, as Birch said, super comfortable for after-meal lingering, as well as family visits, playing games, working puzzles, sewing projects, and reading, because mine are matching lean-back swivel chairs on wheels. They'll never, ever win any style points. Can't give up the comfort but maybe someday I'll sew some mixed-fabric chair covers, each in a beachy, washed-out pattern or color. Meanwhile I'm thinking of just swapping out the matching table for something shabby.

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5/14/14 12:13 PM

In my small house there is no place for the household desk but the main room (also TV room). I constantly look for visual inspiration on how to achieve this stylishly. This article definitely delivers. The desk looks perfectly natural in the space. Just wish I could get by on as little other furniture as she has (but our family visits require more). Nicely done.

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5/14/14 11:58 AM

Haven't had to really scrimp since I got married at 25 (and again at 45), thankfully, but in the years before that money was super tight. Nonetheless, since leaving home I've never bought any but quality brands of tissues, after growing up in a house where carrying around a roll of TP was considered sufficient for blowing your nose when you had a cold.

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5/14/14 11:53 AM